OPIS TimeSeries

Spot and Rack Price History for Gasoline and Diesel | NGL Spot Price History

Historical pricing for spot and rack gasoline, diesel and spot NGL.

TimeSeries is OPIS’ historical price database allowing on-demand access for users to pull historical price reports. It houses spot and wholesale rack prices for several energy commodities. Gasoline, diesel, NGLs, resid, feedstocks and futures history is available.

Price history goes back to 1980 for spot pricing data for gasoline, diesel and NGLs and 1995 for wholesale rack pricing for gasoline and diesel. Timing parameters can be daily, weekly (Monday – Saturday), monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Available online and very user-friendly, this database provides the historical information needed to verify invoices, analyze market trends and compare prices and suppliers in various markets. It also features easy-to-use charting capabilities.  View TimeSeries fact sheet to learn more about its capabilities.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Reconcile and audit invoices efficiently and make sure you’re paying a fair market value.
  • Spot-to-rack comparisons enhance your negotiating position.
  • Automatic calculations for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual pricing instantly display market trends.
  • Comparisons of local prices to NYMEX futures clarify your hedging strategies.
  • Price charting and regression analysis uncover opportunities in new markets.
  • Reduce your cost for storing and archiving data in-house.
  • Evaluate branding decisions.
  • Charting, streaming, and regression analysis for:
    • Nearly 400 wholesale racks (gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and biodiesel blends of B20 and below)
    • NYMEX crude, gasoline and diesel futures
    • Refined spot (gasoline, diesel and jet fuel)
    • Residual fuel
    • Refinery Feedstocks
    • NGLs (propane, butane, isobutane, natural gasoline, ethane and EP mix)
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“OPIS Racks and OPIS TimeSeries are trusted third-party sources that we use as a basis in our fuel supply contracts. The rack data gives us an unbiased benchmark for maintaining accuracy. The historical pricing information is invaluable in identifying prospective improvements in our buying decision, especially when entering new markets. ”
Dick Mills VP of Petroleum Supply & Distribution, Holiday Stationstores