Oil and Gas Solutions for Financial Institutions

Fuel Price History

Make informed investments and acquisitions in the downstream oil and gas market.

OPIS helps banks, lenders and other investors verify the earnings and financial health of downstream oil and gas companies. Historical and current oil prices, extensive retail fuel data and oil market news help inform the energy strategies of the financial services sector.

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Historical and current downstream oil and gas commodity pricing.

OPIS spot prices are essential for settling over-the-counter swaps for customers hedging against price volatility and helping investors understand how pricing impacts fuel company performance.

  • Price history: Extensive historical pricing is available for spot and rack gasoline and diesel and spot NGL/LPG.
  • Gasoline, diesel and jet fuel: Real-time pricing is available through the OPIS Spot Ticker, or get a daily report for markets on the west coast or east coast.
  • LPG: OPIS is the industry benchmark for LPG/NGL pricing in the U.S. Our daily North America LPG Report provides extensive pricing for Mont Belvieu and all key U.S. liquified petroleum markets.
Price History
fuel pumps

Reliable retail company and gas station data for investors.

For investors in retail fuel companies, OPIS provides historical and real-time pump prices, sales volumes and margins for gasoline and diesel.

  • Retail gas and diesel history: Get historical retail pump prices and margins for 130,000 unique gas stations and more than 335 brands in the United States.
  • Retail sales volumes: See what brands in which markets are selling the highest retail fuel volumes to judge demand and competition.  Track retail fuel volumes sold out of the station regionally, benchmark throughputs, gauge true demand, and improve pricing strategies with consistent weekly volume demand data.
  • Retail margins and profits: Track the relative margins of a brand or geographic area in the country daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Grade retail profit performance against key competitors in more than 300 markets.

Assess oil markets with real-time and published news.

Learn what’s driving profit or loss and evaluate future risk.

  • Real-time news: Receive oil market news and analysis instantaneously with our digital intraday news alerts service, which explains the reasons behind markets moves, offers insight into public company results before earnings calls and keeps tracks of mergers & acquisitions for you.
  • In-depth newsletter: Get the weekly, the OPIS Newsletter for downstream oil industry news and analysis with in-depth editorial coverage and perspective.