OPIS NGL Forwards Report

Forward NGL Prices Delivered Daily

Save time and reduce your financial risk when reporting your daily NGL positions.

The NGL forwards market is an increasingly liquid market that regularly influences prompt market prices. This benchmarking report gives you NGL forwards pricing on a consistent schedule, so you have a reliable feed of forward pricing data based on a varied pool of expert sources. View the NGL Forwards Report fact sheet.

New: NGL Forwards Report now provides price transparency for olefins.  As NGLs are the chief feedstocks for ethylene and propylene, the combination of daily published ethylene cash Costs and benchmark spreads streamlines supply chain price management and provides greater efficiency for traders.

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Key Features & Benefits:

  • An unbiased picture of the forwards market including propane, ethane, normal butane and natural gasoline prices aggregates values from multiple sources.
    • 18 months of forward price assessments for Mt. Belvieu TET propane, plus six forward quarters.
    • 15 months of forward price assessments for Mt. Belvieu non-TET ethane, normal butane, and natural gasoline, plus six forward quarters.
    • 12 months of forward price assessments for Mt. Belvieu non-TET isobutane plus four forward quarters.
    • 14 months of forward price assessments for Conway propane plus five forward quarters.
  • Newly added ethylene cash cost forward curves based from formulas created by OPIS NGL pricing and OPIS PCW petrochemical pricing.
  • Calendar year averages encompass all NGL curves.
  • Charts reflecting forward curve data show clear comparisons to the previous year.
  • Daily review of forward NGL curves includes detailed analysis of factors influencing forward price trends – from crude price moves, to inventory trends, to new processing capacity.
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