OPIS PetroChem Wire Midday Update

Pricing Trends and Updates for Olefins, NGLs, Plastics and Refined Products

Know the latest trades, bids and offers in the olefins, NGLs, polymers and upstream markets

In a summary of news briefs, the Midday Update captures the latest trends and markets for olefins, NGLs, plastics and refined products. This daily report, delivered during the trading day, provides key ratios of ethylene and propylene prices against crude oil, ethane and propane, and ethylene cash-cost forward.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Get accurate calculations of NGL-based cash costs
  • See ethylene cash cost calculations for ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline to get an inside view of olefins production economics
  • Glean future production economics and hedging opportunities with forward curves for spot ethylene and ethylene cash costs
  • Monitor the alternative fuel value of propylene with implied alkylate value and spot prices for alkylate, as well as other blendstocks
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