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A closer look at key topics in the spot, rack and retail markets of the downstream petroleum industry.

The OPIS Blog features expert tips, practical insight and timely pricing and market information. It covers the spot, rack and retail markets as well as gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, NGL/LP, feedstocks, natural gas, jet fuel and crude oil. It’s the simplest way to gain a greater understanding of how fuel markets tick and keep up with changes that could affect pricing – and your bottom line.

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Summer Gas Prices Special Report

Summer Driving Season Report: Gas Prices in Neutral, Demand in Reverse

A look back at U.S. retail gas prices during the summer driving season.

The 2018 summer driving season was marked by high retail gas prices – the highest since 2014. Yet, prices saw very little volatility, in fact, gas prices were in the narrowest range over the course of the century. The national average for gross rack-to-retail margins this summer were up a little over 14% year on year. Learn what factors influenced summer retail markets, including strong refinery operations, relatively stable WTI and Brent futures and OPIS demand data.

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2018 Outlook Forecast Mid-Year Review

Discover what’s to come in oil markets in 2018.

Volatile markets and high retail gasoline prices found themselves back in the news in 2018, a year proving to be rather challenging and unpredictable for the oil industry. Authored by Tom Kloza and Denton Cinquegrana, the mid-year update provides insight on what may come in the latter half of the year.

Topics include:

  • Geopolitical factors influencing price volatility in 2018.
  • Supply & demand dynamics in the U.S.
  • June 22 OPEC meeting announcements.
  • RINs volatility and it’s effect on RBOB gasoline futures.

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Jitters Drives Some Jobbers to Sell

Learn why more and more jobbers are eager to sell their business.

In this free report, OPIS looks at the factors behind the trend of many jobbers are looking to sell their business or pursue other ventures. OPIS takes a look at the reasons why the trend is growing – rising costs of interest rates and labor, dwindling fuel margins, competition from big box stores, new challenges faced by c-store owners and much more.

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OPIS Crash Course Podcast

Learn simple answers to your not-so-simple fuel industry questions.

OPIS leaders, drawing on 40+ years of industry expertise, team with guest experts to answer key oil, gas and fuel market questions in the fuel market in OPIS Crash Course Podcast. In each episode, we strive is to bring you a deeper understanding and necessary context about critical areas of the industry that you and your team need to grasp in order to buy and sell gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, NGL/LPGs and other energy commodities with confidence. Subscribe to the OPIS Crash Course podcast for instant notification as we release new episodes.

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OPIS Crash Course Podcasts
Fuel Buying 101: Futures and Spot Markets

Fuel Buying 101: Your guide to the fuel supply chain

Your complete reference guides to clearly understanding the fuel chain – futures and spot markets, wholesale rack markets and retail markets.

Download the 3-part Fuel Buying 101 e-Book series for a step by step guidance on how gasoline, diesel and other fuel products moves through the supply chain and how prices are determined.

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Combustibles en México/Fuels in Mexico

Understand the unique challenges of Mexico’s energy reform for fuel buyers and sellers on both sides of the border.

Written in dual English/Spanish format, this just-launched quarterly magazine is available free. Subscribe to OPIS’ Fuels in Mexico magazine to access editorial features, expert commentary, interviews and guest columns devoted to discussion of the changing downstream fuel markets in Mexico.

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OPIS Combustibles in Mexico Newsletter
OPIS RVP Infographic

OPIS RVP Infographic

The annual shift in RVP levels can cause price fluctuations throughout the entire fuel chain.

Download this handy 2018 LRVP infographic for an easy reference of the transition to low-RVP fuels at the wholesale rack level across the U.S.

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OPIS Mexico Primer: The Road to Liberalized Fuel Markets in Mexico

Mexico’s gasoline and diesel markets are opening to the outside world for the first time in almost 80 years – but not without challenges, risks and delays. Download OPIS’ Mexico Primer and get:

  • Pemex’s response to new retail competition.
  • Efforts to combat the risk of oil theft.
  • Avant Energy’s plans to build marine and inland terminals to connect the Bajio region with the U.S. Gulf Coast market.
  • Andeavor’s plans to expand its retail station count in Mexico to 250-300 stores.
  • Information on Pemex’s fuel logistics open seasons.
  • Plus, a detailed timeline of fuel market deregulation from 2016 with projections to 2020. Includes branding, infrastructure, pricing, regulatory and news developments.

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