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Oil prices and coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) - news and resources:

Blog Posts: Fuel prices and COVID-19 blog posts – full list

Free Report: Mexico in the Time of COVID-19: An OPIS Primer on the impact of the virus on the country’s fuel market

Podcast: OPIS Crash Course Episode 22– How Has the Coronavirus and Oil Price War Impacted Gas, Distillate and Renewable Fuel Prices?

News Stories: Read selected OPIS news stories from OPIS editors who analyze the effects of the crude price crash and coronavirus implications on spot, rack and retail refined products markets.

You can also visit the IHS Markit website for news and resources covering the Coronavirus impact on energy markets and supply and demand concerns for the oil industry.

RVP Requirements: Gasoline RVP Information & Infographic

Free Webcast Recording: The Aftermath of the OPEC+ Deal Webinar
OPEC+ has reached an agreement. What can we expect in its wake? Get the free webinar recording now to find out how the new OPEC+ deal is impacting the downstream supply chain, oil and refined products prices and supply and demand dynamics.

Free Webcast Recording: COVID-19 Webinar: Markets in Disarray: What Now, What Next?
Understand the implications of coronavirus and falling demand across the fuel supply chain. Get the webinar recording free now.


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A closer look at key topics in the spot, rack and retail markets of the downstream petroleum industry.

The OPIS Blog features expert tips, practical insight and timely pricing and market information. It covers the spot, rack and retail markets as well as gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, NGL/LP, feedstocks, natural gas, jet fuel and crude oil. It’s the simplest way to gain a greater understanding of how fuel markets tick and keep up with changes that could affect pricing – and your bottom line.

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OPIS Crash Course Podcasts

OPIS Crash Course Podcast

Learn simple answers to your not-so-simple fuel industry questions.

OPIS leaders, drawing on 40+ years of industry expertise, team with guest experts to answer key oil, gas and fuel market questions in the fuel market in OPIS Crash Course Podcast. In each episode, we strive is to bring you a deeper understanding and necessary context about critical areas of the industry that you and your team need to grasp in order to buy and sell gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, NGL/LPGs and other energy commodities with confidence. Subscribe to the OPIS Crash Course podcast for instant notification as we release new episodes.

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Free Report: Impact of Global Upheaval on NGL Sector Expected to Be Prolonged, Piecemeal

Better understand the impact of COVID-19 and the crude oil crash on the NGL sector.

The convergence of two crises – COVID-19’s pandemic wreaking havoc across the world and the Saudi Arabia-Russia crude oil price war – has created a scenario in which there is a projected decline in American demand for refined products, causing stateside production of crude oil to decline.

Get this free report from OPIS for in-depth analysis of each of the following elements and understand how each has the potential to affect the NGL sector over the coming months and years.

  • Crude oil production
  • Refined product demand
  • Saudi Arabian LPG
  • Current NGL production
  • Exports and Medium-Term Outlook for NGLs
  • PADD3 and PADD2 implications

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Oil market outlook free download

OPIS 2020 Oil Market Outlook - Just Added!

Expert outlook and analysis on downstream energy market dynamics in 2020.

OPIS’s longtime oil market analysts, Tom Kloza and Denton Cinquegrana, share their outlook on downstream energy markets for the year ahead.

Download your copy now and learn about:

  • 20 oil market predictions for the decade ahead.
  • 4 major factors in the fuel supply chain that will influence prices.
  • Gasoline supply and demand dynamics, with insight on Tier 3 gasoline requirements.
  • Geopolitical and economic factors impacting distillates amid IMO 2020.
  • Analysis of industry mergers and acquisitions

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European Refined Oil Products Outlook

2020 OPIS European Refined Oil Products Outlook

Expert forecast on oil commodity pricing and trends in Europe.

Download the OPIS European Refined Oil Products Outlook and get expert forecasts for crude oil, gasoline & diesel, gasoil, naphtha, fuel oil and jet fuel prices in European markets in 2020.

Exclusive commentary, analysis, charts and graphs displaying key pricing and broader trends enhance your understanding of where these key commodity markets are headed next. Topics include:

  • A look back at 2019 price trends and refining margins.
  • The 2020 outlook for Brent crude oil and what a global supply surplus will mean for prices.
  • The knowns and the unknowns for fuel oil in an IMO 2020 world.
  • How new sulfur regulations will impact gasoil & diesel.
  • A look at jet fuel against the backdrop of 2019 demand trends and new IMO rules.
  • Scenarios for naphtha and gasoline amid new regulations.

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European LPG & Naphtha 2020 Price Outlook Report

Understand the market factors that influenced European LPG and naphtha in 2019 to set the stage for 2020.

Download the free European LPG & Naphtha Price Outlook 2020 special report for expert commentary that puts the market factors influencing the LPG and naphtha prices in European markets into context. Plus, an expert forecast of trends that will impact propane, butane and naphtha prices in Europe in 2020.

In this free outlook, you’ll find:

  • Analysis of the strength of the LPG market in 2019, and expectations for trends to continue in 2020.
  • Expectations for LPG demand and pricing in 2020
  • Healthy buying interest from the petrochemical sector and how that impacted naphtha.
  • Charts and graphs showing global LPG export trends as well as the relationships between CIF NWE naphtha and Brent crude oil prices and more.
  • The relationship between Asian demand and European naphtha.
  • And more!

Download your free copy of this report now to get ahead of what’s to come in 2020 for the European markets so you’re empowered to make better buying and selling decisions for the year.

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Asia Oil Market Outlook

2020 Asia Oil Market Outlook

Gain insight into what could come in Asian oil markets in 2020 amid political tension, IMO 2020 regulations, tariffs, supply concerns and more.

Download the 2020 Asia Oil Market Outlook for deeper understanding of these trends and added context to  better inform buy and sell decisions based given the most influential pricing trends. With this insight, you’ll be better positioned to make market moves instead of reacting too late.

This free outlook report provides a timely update on key commodities including LPG, gasoil, naphtha, gasoline, bunker fuels, and jet fuel markets.

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Recycled Plastics Prices in 2019 & 2020 Look Ahead

Recycled Plastics Prices in 2019 & 2020 Outlook Report

Learn about the market drivers that shaped price trends for recycled plastics in 2019, and see what’s in store for the industry as we move further into 2020.

Several trends arose in the recycled plastics industry in 2019, from surges in HDPE to drops in prices for rPET and polypropylene bales. These factors are sure to influence the 2020 market for different grades of recycled plastics.

Download OPIS PetroChem Wire’s Recycled Plastics 2019 Prices and 2020 Outlook report to get expert commentary and analysis plus charts and graphs that help you understand the scope of market drivers in 2019. We’ll also dive into what’s next for recycled plastics in 2020 – new technologies and initiatives on the horizon and pricing analysis.

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How Polymer Grade Propylene is Priced

Do you understand how the pricing of polymer grade propylene is critical to the supply chain?

Propylene, particularly PGP, play an integral part in the costs that trickle downstream and spread throughout the refining, petrochemical and broader manufacturing industry. If you don’t fully understand the pricing method by which you are buying or selling PGP, you could be selling too low, or buying too high.

Download How Polymer Grade Propylene is Priced to strengthen your understanding of the PGP market and the different ways it can be priced.

A stronger understanding of each pricing method helps to identify which is the best for place on the supply chain, positioning you to save money by choosing the most cost-effective pricing method for your business.

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Ethylene Special Report

Forward Ethylene Markets: A Price-Protection Primer and Focus on a High-Exposure Market

OPIS PetroChem Wire experts explain how to manage your price risk associated with ethylene market volatility.

Download this free report from OPIS PetroChem Wire experts to better understand how to protect yourself from price volatility. If you make or purchase a commodity reliant on ethylene, you could find yourself at the mercy of market price swings that could make or break your business.

But if you’re ahead of the market, you don’t need to be a prisoner of ethylene market volatility.

Forward Ethylene Markets: A Price-Protection Primer and Focus on a High-Exposure Market explains how to manage your ethylene price risk. We also examine the PVC market, a sector with heavy reliance on ethylene, to demonstrate how understanding the futures market directly impacts your bottom line.

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Fuel Buying 101: Your guide to the fuel supply chain

Your complete reference guides to clearly understanding the fuel chain – futures and spot markets, wholesale rack markets and retail markets.

Download the updated Fuel Buying 101 e-Book for a step by step guidance on how gasoline, diesel and other fuel products moves through the supply chain and how prices are determined.

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Fuel Supply Contract Checklist

Fuel Supply Contract Checklist

Tips for creating a wholesale supply agreement that leaves nothing on the table.

Before you negotiate your next wholesale fuel supply agreement, here are 7 tips to help you write a contract like a pro. This checklist is perfect for gasoline and diesel retailers, municipalities and end-users. Download the checklist before finalizing your next supply contract.

Download your copy of the Fuel Supply Contract Checklist today and discover:

  • How long is too long for a contract term
  • A simple way to estimate your fuel volumes
  • What NOT to let your supplier dictate
  • And much more!

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Retail Fuel Industry & Gas Station Quarterly Report 2020

Q1 2020: An Unprecedented Quarter for Gasoline Retailers

Global fuel demand became a concern early in the year, as the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) started to have an impact in Asia. Then, an impasse of producers led to the all-out price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia that formed the other half of the double whammy markets are facing today. As a result of these extraordinary challenges, gas station retailers saw a very different first quarter than 2019.

Read this free quarterly report to find out what’s happening with retail fuel volumes, margins and market share.

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15 Best Practices to Beat the Commercial Driver Shortage

Learn how to attract and retain ample qualified fuel tanker drivers with best practices and tips from OPIS.

According to the American Trucking Association, the shortage of commercial drivers hit its highest level in 2018. In this free download, you’ll get advice on how to beat that trend from other transportation firms facing the same challenges. Download 15 Best Practices to Beat the Commercial Driver Shortage now to get best practices and real-world tips on how to attract and retain qualified fuel tanker drivers.

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Going for the Gold: Prospects for IPOs

Are IPOs for convenience store chains on the horizon?

An extended bull market and strong financial performance of many large convenience store chains have some anticipating a rise in IPOs.

Download this free report for a look at:

  • An insightful interview with Roger Woodman, managing director of investment banking with Raymond James
  • Pros and cons of IPOs
  • The importance of convenience store size & timing when looking to go public
  • Downstream IPOs from 1971 to 2018

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Oil Express Special Report: Summer Driving Season Delivers Record Margins, but Eroding Demand

In depth profit margin and demand analysis for fuel retailers.

The summer driving season ended on a high note with retailers around the country seeing record-breaking profit margin levels.

Download this free report and read about:

  • In-depth weekly and monthly demand numbers
  • Geopolitical events that affected prices at the pump
  • Impact of refinery issues on supply
  • Margin statistics from 2007 to 2019

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Summer Driving Season Report 2019

2019 Summer Driving Season Recap

An exclusive look at fuel retailers margin performance for summer 2019.

For U.S. gasoline retailers, 2019 delivers the “best summer ever”, providing off-the-charts profit margins for a majority of fuel retailers, topping the previous record established four summers ago.

Diversity was widespread but the average nationwide margin is predictive of a continuation of “land grab” that has already led to the avid (and expensive) pursuit of retail chains by major oil companies, private equity managers and overseas entrepreneurs.

Download our exclusive 2019 Summer Driving Season Recap and find out:

  • 2019 summer average nationwide margin.
  • The most profitable regions.
  • The average daily margin trend for the past 10+ years.
  • Which companies benefited the most from the record driving season.
  • And much more.

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Mexico in the Time of COVID-19: an OPIS Primer

Your resource amid the growing COVID-19 uncertainty within the Mexico fuel market.

This free report provides critical examination of how Mexico’s fuel markets are being impacted by the coronavirus, amid growing uncertainty.

Download your copy of Mexico in the Time of COVID-19 and discover:

  • What the demand profile for Mexico is amid the unfolding crisis.
  • The latest developments on the construction of new storage terminals.
  • A view on the expansion of private players across Mexico.
  • The challenges the pandemic brought to Mexico’s refining goals.
  • Views into the future of the energy reform amid the virus outbreak.
  • And so much more!

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Liberalization to the Test: An OPIS Primer on Mexico’s Fuel Market

Mexico’s gasoline and diesel markets are opening to the outside world for the first time in almost 80 years – but not without challenges, risks and delays. Download OPIS’ Mexico Primer and understand:

  • Which private companies are leading gasoline and diesel imports into Mexico
  • Trends in Pemex’s gasoline, diesel and jet fuel sales
  • Refining challenges and how IMO 2020 will impact Mexico
  • An update on planned infrastructure projects
  • And so much more!

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OPIS Combustibles in Mexico Newsletter

Combustibles en México/Fuels in Mexico

Understand the unique challenges of Mexico’s energy reform for fuel buyers and sellers on both sides of the border.

Written in dual English/Spanish format, this informative magazine is available free. Read OPIS’ Fuels in Mexico magazine for editorial features, expert commentary, interviews and guest columns devoted to discussion of the changing downstream fuel markets in Mexico. It’s geared to help you:

  • Take advantage of new cross-border import/export opportunities due to Mexico’s energy reform.
  • Learn about the governmental regulations, political influences, the status of infrastructure and shipping, market risks and other factors shaping Mexico’s emerging fuel marketplace.

Read the Magazine Now

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gaosline RVP season switch

OPIS 2020 RVP Infographic

Get updated information on 2020 gasoline RVP season designations.

Due to coronavirus challenges, there are already states that have granted waivers or indicated they would not enforce sales of 13.5-lb. RVP gasoline blends in April. That could spill over into 9.0-lb. RVP requirements, as well.

Download this handy 2020 RVP infographic for an easy desktop reference with key information on the transition to low-RVP gasoline at the spot and wholesale rack level across the U.S., along with a map identifying key regions.

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IMO2020 Costs

Infographic: The Price of Non-Compliance with IMO 2020

A visual rundown of IMO 2020 compliance options, penalties and fines.

Download this free infographic for a breakdown of the compliance options, past penalties levied for non-compliance with the IMO’s ECAs mandate, and possible cost scenarios for non-compliance with IMO 2020.

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OPIS fuel report infographic

Infographic: OPIS Wholesale Rack Pricing Product Finder

Are you using the right wholesale fuel pricing report for your fuel business?

OPIS publishes several wholesale gasoline and diesel pricing reports, plus online tools. Three of our most popular pricing resources are the Invoice Checker, daily Gasoline and Diesel Rack Price Report and the Spot Ticker (a spot pricing tool that helps wholesalers gauge whether wholesale rack prices will go down or up, based on spot price movement.) This handy rack product-finder infographic leads you to the most relevant of these three products for you, based on some quick questions about your wholesale business.

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West coast fuel pricing infographic

Infographic: Major Reasons U.S. West Coast Fuel Prices are Volatile

What makes the U.S. West Coast spot gasoline and diesel market so prone to dramatic price increases and changes?

Because of unique market fundamentals, limited refining capacity, and a boutique gasoline blend needed to meet regional specs, the West Coast region has a relatively lean gas and diesel trading network compared to other spot markets. That lack of market liquidity can lead to huge price moves and surges, like the one that caused retail gasoline prices to top over $4/gal in spring 2019.

Download this infographic for a visual breakdown of the key reasons and fundamentals why the U.S. West Coast refined spot market is so unique and often, challenging.

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