Solutions for Energy Commodity Traders

Access spot pricing and expert insight on the latest energy market trends.

Refinery in Daytime

Spot pricing reports helps you identify price trends and improve your market position.

Maintain a competitive edge – even during periods of market volatility and intense unpredictability.

  • Gasoline, diesel and jet fuel pricing: OPIS provides refined spot pricing for the East Coast and West Coast regions.
  • LPG pricing: OPIS is the official spot benchmak for U.S LPGs – including the high-volume Mont Belvieu hub, which sets global cargo prices. The NGL Forwards Report is designed to help you spot critical trends in this shale-influenced market. Get extensive coverage of U.S.-European LPG cargo flow and U.S. LPG FOB re-sales and cancellations in the Europe LPG & Naphtha Report.
  • Petrochemicals and feedstocks pricing: PetroChem Wire Daily is the recognized petchem industry benchmark and focuses on spot ethylene and propylene transactions. The report provides much-needed price transparency into hundreds of daily prices for monomers and polymers. International feedstocks pricing is also available.
  • Environmental compliance program credits: Monitor carbon, RINs and RGGI trading in the Carbon Market Report.

Download our traders fact sheet for additional information about our pricing and information solutions.

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Maximize your global trading strategies with innovative live pricing tickers.

Monitor global cargo and price trends for influential markets in real-time with OPIS’ online pricing tickers and tools.

  • Real-time gasoline, diesel and jet fuel prices: Watch minute-by-minute spot price updates in key refined products markets with the OPIS Spot Ticker.
  • Real-time LPG prices: See global LPG prices tick in real time and compare markets against the critical Mont Belvieu hub with the Global LPG Ticker.
  • Real-time jet fuel prices: Get a representative average of fair market value in the European jet fuel market with the OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker, using a live trading platform to capture minute-by-minute price marks.
  • Real-time vessel tracking: The Europe Jet, Diesel and Gasoline Tanker Trackers provide a real-time views of jet, diesel and gasoline shipments from Europe to North America and West Africa.

Gain expert insight on oil market direction and pricing trends.

OPIS doesn’t just reports the news headlines – we analyze in-depth their effect on the entire fuel market, doing the investigative work for you and providing a complete perspective on commodity markets.

  • Real-time news: Discover instant information on market-moving events, supply disruptions due to weather events, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory changes, industry shake-ups and more with OPIS’ real-time intraday news alerts sent to your inbox or available via mobile app.
  • Refinery information: Evaluate implications on supply holdings down the supply chain with up-to-date refinery unit outage information.