OPIS AnalyticsPro

Understand retail fuel station performance in each market with site-level gas station data analytics


Identify your true competitors with a complete view of retail fuel station market share by visitor counts

OPIS AnalyticsPro is an online tool that utilizes sophisticated location-based technology to track gas station visit counts. In combination with the comprehensive OPIS database of 130,000+ fuel stations in the U.S., AnalyticsPro will help you evaluate pricing strategy, competitive elasticity, and market growth by brand for individual sites.

Get next-generation gas station data analytics of trade area, customer demographics, customer loyalty rates, cross-shopping and seasonality. Compile true competitor lists for each station based on shared visitors. Gain unique insight into consumer and competitor behavior. Visualize diverse data sets with customized charting and graphing. Make more informed decisions about the efficiency of your gas station operations.


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Accurate, secure visit count data for retail fuel stations

OPIS is the industry’s leading provider of retail fuel data. We track every fuel station in the United States. As a result, our visit counts – captured by geofencing and compiled weekly – represent true market share.

The OPIS Quality Control team of more than a dozen analysts ensures that our retail database is always up to date and accurate. For retailers with an in-house analytics team and/or platform, site intelligence and market share data in AnalyticsPro is also available via API for import into your own systems.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Site-Level Market Share: analyze site-level market share for your location vs. your 10 closest or most highly-correlated competitors based on shared customers. Use time-series or point-in-time analysis.
  • Cross-Shopping: see competitor locations that shared visitors with your site. Identify your true, most serious competitors not just your geographically-closest competitors. Adjust pricing to maximize volumes and profits.
  • Trade Area Analysis: see where customers (yours or your competitors’) live and work at the census block level.
  • Customer Loyalty Rates: determine the percentage of unique visitors at each location that visited ONLY that site over the prior month. Evaluate the effectiveness of loyalty programs, identify competitor locations vulnerable to losing customers, and understand the market impact of new players.
  • Seasonality: track gas stations that have the most traffic on specific days, or specific times of day, using Day-of-Week and Time-of-Day market share analysis. Know when competitor stations are most vulnerable and adjust your fuel pricing strategy for maximum margins.
  • Customer Demographic Profiles: improve pricing, marketing and merchandising decisions with demographic data on site visits from the 2020 U.S. Census, including population, income, age and education.
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