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OPIS Renewable Fuels Pricing and Market Coverage

OPIS publishes spot pricing for renewables in several different delivery, frequency and format options, plus wholesale biodiesel and ethanol pricing, price history for biodiesel, and biofuels market news available in real-time or weekly wraps.

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Spot Renewable Fuels Pricing

OPIS is committed to bringing price transparency to the complex and ever-changing renewable energy and fuels market. Track spot ethanol, biodiesel, RINs, carbon and solar materials markets on a daily or weekly basis.

  • OPIS Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service is an all-in-one service for monitoring renewable ethanol and biodiesel spot pricing. You get:
    • Daily biofuels pricing with spot ethanol ranges, Brazilian spot ethanol and spot SME biodiesel prices plus a corn market update.
    • Weekly newsletter with spot ethanol market analysis and prices, national and regional price averages for ethanol and biodiesel fuel blends, feedstock/co-product price and Brazilian and European market coverage.
  • West Coast Spot Market Report helps you track prices for renewable fuels as well as refined oil products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in the highly-regulated U.S. west coast region, where OPIS is the industry price benchmark for fuel contracts.
  • Full Day Refined Spot Report includes prices for renewable fuels, including ethanol, corn, soybean oil and biodiesel for markets east of the Rockies. Pricing assessments for refined oil products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel are also included.
  • OPIS Spot Ticker shows daily closing spot ethanol prices at key markets plus intraday updates of Chicago values.
  • Carbon Market Report is focused on compliance with national and regional environmental programs including the RFS2, LCFS and Cap-and-Trade with carbon credit prices respective to each program.
  • Global Carbon Offsets Report is the world’s first voluntary carbon markets price report, meeting the demand for price discovery and transparency across the industry. It provides daily physical assessments for voluntary carbon offset credits and compliance carbon offset credits, including REDD+, CORSIA Eligible Offset, and California Carbon Offset credits.
  • APAC Solar Weekly Report is the first solar materials report to follow IOSCO requirements for fair and transparent pricing of polysilicon, wafers, cells and module prices.
  • Europe Hydrogen Report is an information service designed specifically for the green hydrogen industry in Europe. It offers three essential reports: Price Report, Projects and Policies Tracker and Quarterly Executive Summary.

Rack Renewable Fuels Pricing

Daily and weekly wholesale biodiesel and ethanol pricing is available for U.S. and Canadian markets.

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Renewable Fuels Price History

  • Wholesale price history for biodiesel blends (B20 and below) is available through TimeSeries, an on-demand price history database.
  • OPIS can also create custom biodiesel rack history reports. Our data shows supplier prices for more than 200 locations, with data for some dating back to 2005. RINs history is available.
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Renewable Energy News from EPA, DOE and Biofuels Groups

Keep up with regulatory and legislative changes, news from the EPA, DOE and biofuels groups, supply/demand figures and much more with real-time and weekly news on renewable energy from OPIS.

OPIS provides many formats and delivery methods for our information on renewable fuels. Contact us to discuss your needs or view product finder results for renewable fuels.


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