Biodiesel Rack Price Report

Daily Wholesale Biodiesel Prices

Access thousands of wholesale biodiesel prices from suppliers at more than 200 wholesale rack locations.

OPIS Biodiesel Racks are available in over 200 wholesale rack locations, giving you complete price visibility into the wholesale biodiesel market for use in supply contracts and management.

Biodiesel prices are posted with and without RINs by percentage of biodiesel blend (B100, B99, B90, B80, B50, B40, B30, B25, B20, B15, B11, B10, B6, B5, B4, B3, B2, B1 and B0-5) and by feedstock (soy, yellow grease, rapeseed, animal fat, palm oil, brown grease, camelina, cottonseed oil or multiple feedstocks).

Try the Biodiesel Rack Price Report free for 5 days. The report is delivered via email or FTP. Delivery is via email or FTP. For fastest service, be sure to select which rack location(s) you would like to preview when completing the form.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Detailed supplier posted biodiesel prices allow you to shop for a different supplier and aid in contract negotiating.
  • Access essential prices when creating and doing business under a wholesale biodiesel supply contract.
  • Sellers can establish trust with their wholesale buyers.
  • Stay in compliance with federal and state mandates requiring usage of biomass-based diesel.
  • Biodiesel blending can be an attractive option for lowering fuel costs and enhancing margins.
  • Added business as fleets turn to biodiesel as a cleaner burning alternative.
  • OPIS is the most widely accepted pricing index for wholesale fuel prices.
  • Includes biodiesel prices both non-tax adjusted with RIN market index, and tax adjusted with RIN market index.
  • Prices with both gross (full wholesale posted rack price with no discounts reflected) and net payment terms (wholesale posted rack price with prompt payment discounts included) are listed.
  • Buyers and sellers of wholesale biofuels can reconcile invoices easily.
  • Morning or evening report delivery times.
  • OPIS low, high and average prices included.
  • Prices listed in a cents/gallon format.
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