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Explore Energy Commodity Pricing and News

The experienced pricing specialists and reporters at OPIS cover refined oil products – gasoline, diesel, marine and jet fuel – renewable fuels and associated carbon credit markets, petrochemicals, coals, metals, and NGL/LPG markets.

Our prices, market analysis, breaking news alerts, online services, software and analytical tools help you buy and sell energy commodities with confidence. Choose a commodity below to learn about the available OPIS products for that market.

Gasoline Products

The gas market has transformed since the days of leaded and unleaded grades. OPIS accurately tracks the evolving fuel slate with prices and analysis from the oil refinery to the wholesale rack, to the retail gas pump.

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Diesel Products

Fuel that powers trucks and automobiles worldwide needs pricing and analysis tailored to its unique users. OPIS covers all diesel grades starting at the refinery gate and ending at retail pumps and truckstops.

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Jet Fuel Products

A worldwide energy commodity can’t be assessed in a vacuum. That’s why OPIS jet pricing and analysis not only covers the fair value in individual markets, but puts prices into context with other regions.

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LPG/NGL Products

Revolutionized by shale plays and a vast export matrix to meet varied global demand, the LPG & NGL commodity market requires data integrity and editorial perspective. OPIS coverage immerses you in this dynamic energy market.

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Feedstocks Products

A complex slate of materials support the oil refining process. OPIS provides a reliable price benchmark for energy producers sourcing refinery intermediate feedstocks or selling them back into the market.

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Petrochemicals Products

Pricing and expert market coverage is available for olefins, monomers, polymers and chemical feedstocks including ethylene and propylene, polyethylene and polypropylene with OPIS PetroChem Wire.

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Renewable Fuels Products

Ethanol and biodiesel have disrupted the energy landscape in recent years. OPIS brings you industry-standard pricing as well as breaking news coverage of every update in this politically charged market.

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RINs & Carbon Credits

Evolving climate change policies have created Renewable Identification Numbers, varied carbon credits, and compliance requirements. OPIS in-depth price discovery tracks all essential environmental offset costs.

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Crude Oil Products

Crude oil is the essential building block of the oil refining process. OPIS provides up-to-the-minute price discovery for all major oil refiners at hundreds of locations throughout North America.

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Coal, Metals & Mining Products

Access global coal, metals and mining market intelligence and key pricing indices. Market news and commentary, pricing reports, analysis and research services are available for thermal and metallurgical markets globally as well as regional services focused on North America, APAC, Greater China and Africa markets.

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