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Spot Petrochemicals Pricing

Prices and market coverage are available for olefins, monomers, polymers and chemical feedstocks including ethylene and propylene, polyethylene and polypropylene through PetroChem Wire by OPIS products. Refiners, petchem and resin producers, chemical companies and manufacturers all benefit from this market intelligence. PetroChem Wire publishes daily and weekly reports on key petrochemical commodities.

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Daily Petrochemicals Pricing Reports

  • PetroChem Wire Daily is the comprehensive daily report for petrochemicals pricing in the U.S. Recognized by the CME Group, and ICE as the benchmark for futures contracts and risk management, it provides true transactional prices for monomers and polymers including the most complete olefins daily deal list available to the industry.
  • Get a midday update on how the petrochemical market prices are trending.
  • Rely on Refinery Focus Daily for refining information, and to monitor petroleum refinery economics and production trends that affect chemical prices.
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Weekly Petrochemicals Pricing Report

  • PVC & Pipe Weekly supplies monthly contract PVC pricing on pipe and general purpose grades, PVC and pipe plant status, supply/demand information and PVC price trends.
  • Recycled Plastics Weekly delivers more than 40 weekly assessments for pellet (repro), flake (regrind), scrap bales, post-consumer resin (PCR) including HDPE and PP and offgrade polymers.
  • Week in Review provides concise, reliable weekly updates for US olefins, styrenics and polymers

Chemical Market Forecasting and Consultation

Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS offers short- and long-term global market intelligence for more than 200 core building-block chemicals, including aromatics & fibers, inorganics, olefins & derivatives, plastics & polymers and syngas. A celebrated team of subject matter experts provide deep commercial insights, future outlooks, price discovery and consultation. In-person conferences held across the globe, such as World Chemical Forum, give attendees guidance on the entire chemical value chain.

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