OPIS International Feedstocks Intelligence Report

Trade with the definitive market reference for vacuum gasoil, naphtha and light cycle oil.

This report is a must-have for refiners pricing feedstocks for their facilities in the western hemisphere or selling excess product back into the market. OPIS feedstock prices also form a cost basis for traders buying and selling to refiners.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Monitor naphtha streams coming online from new condensate splitters capitalizing on U.S. shale developments.
  • Track overall structural shifts in spot feedstock supply and demand, fluctuating intra-regional demand, as well as supply/demand surges from planned and unplanned refinery unit shutdowns.
  • Daily assessments of U.S. Gulf Coast and U.S. West Coast VGO help you identify arbitrage opportunities between refining regions.
  • Benchmark pricing for naphtha, light cycle oil and straight run residual fuel help you buy and sell confidently.
  • Daily roundup of tankers bringing VGO to the United States gives you a clear compass for global vessel traffic.
  • Wrap-ups of buy and sell tenders issued by national oil companies in Latin America. Arbitrage analysis helps you follow the trans-Atlantic spreads for VGO produced in Europe and the trans-Pacific flow for naphtha produced in the U.S. Gulf Coast to Asia.
  • Market intelligence provided by OPIS editors in London and Singapore identifies naphtha arbitrage opportunities and highlights blending economics.
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