Custom History

Custom Price History for Gasoline, Diesel, NGLs, Jet Fuel, Feedstocks, Crude, Biofuels & RINs

OPIS provides custom historical pricing assessments and news to meet your needs.

Our database goes back more than 20 years for gasoline, diesel, natural gas liquids, jet fuel, refinery feedstocks, heavy oils/bunker fuel, crude, biofuels and RINs pricing.

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  • East of Rockies History
    Gulf Coast from 1981, NY Harbor from 1981, Group 3 from 1982, Chicago from 1990. Request More Information >>
  • West Coast History
    Los Angeles from 1984, San Francisco from 1986, Pacific Northwest from 1989. Request More Information >>
  • LP History
    Mt. Belvieu TET/non-TET from 1984, Conway/Group 140 from 1984, Los Angeles from 9/86, San Francisco Bay Area from 10/87, Hattiesburg from 10/87, Sarnia from 8/89, Edmonton from 8/86, Louisiana from 7/98. Request More Information >>
  • Jet Fuel History
    Spot prices as far back as 1991 for New York Harbor, Gulf Coast, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Pacific North West. Group 3 spots available back to 1996. Request More Information >>
  • Refinery Feedstocks History
    Spot prices from the U.S. Gulf Coast and the West Coast from 1986. Request More Information >>
  • Bunker Fuels History
    Bunker fuel prices for the most frequented ports in the U.S. East Coast and U.S. Gulf Coast, West Coast and Latin America. Prices available starting 1/1/2013. Request More Information >>
  • NGL Forwards History
    Forward prices for propane, ethane, butane and isobutane for Mt. Belvieu TET and non-TET. Prices available back to 12/8/2008. Request More Information >>
  • NYMEX History
    History for heating oil, unleaded, RBOB and WTI futures prices and crude oil futures including the low, high, average and last. All futures contracts are NY Harbor delivery. Prices back to 1/1/1999. Request More Information >>
  • Residual Fuel History
    History for spot No. 6 oil in the Gulf Coast and New York Harbor. Products include 0.3% high pour, 1% and 3%. Prices back to 6/23/2003. Request More Information >>
  • Wholesale Racks History
    By supplier for more than 390 locations, some as far back as 1982. Prices are available in our newsletter back to 1982 and available electronically starting in 1995. Terminal specific data available starting 7/1/2001. Request More Information >>
  • Mexico Rack History
    Implied wholesale prices in all municipalities in Mexico are available starting 5/2017. Request more information >>
  • Propane History
    Contract prices from more than 25 pipelines, some available as far back as 10/1988. Request More Information >>
  • Jet Fuel Contract History
    Contract prices from more than 70 locations: available electronically starting 7/1/2006. Print copies available back to 1995. Request More Information >>
  • Biodiesel Rack History
    By supplier for more than 200 locations, all locations are available electronically some as far back as 2005. Request More Information >>
  • RINs History
    Historical pricing for all 4 types of RINs. Ethanol from 4/1/2008, Biodiesel from 6/16/2009, Cellulosic from 1/15/2010, and Advanced from 1/15/2010. Request More Information >>
  • Canadian Rack History
    By supplier for more than 15 locations from 10/1992. Request More Information >>
  • Truckstop Price History
    Retail truckstop prices and estimated margins for over 6,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada as far back as 1995 in some locations. Request More Information >>
  • Retail Price History
    Match OPIS rack prices with retail gasoline prices from more than 85,000 stations and get a clear detailed picture of retail margins by zip code, retail site, market, brand or just about any criteria dating back to 1996. Request More Information >>
  • Retail Margin History
    OPIS rack-to-retail margin history is the industry standard for determining profitability in the U.S. marketplace. This information is archived as far back as 2000. Request More Information >>
  • Retail Radius Report History
    Historical OPIS retail prices for a 2-mile, 5-mile or 10-mile radius of your location. This information is archived as far back as 1/1/2007. Request More Information >>
  • Retail Market Share History
    Historical reports that show market share, volume, price differentials and more for a particular brand. This information is available back to 1/1/2009. Request More Information >>
  • News Alerts History
    Research OPIS coverage of news and market prices on current events or access the OPIS archives as far back as 1991 for news and information. Request More Information >>