OPIS Canadian Rack Report

Wholesale Prices for Gasoline, Diesel, Furnace Oil, Stove Oil & Biodiesel

Track supplier rack prices for all major locations in Canada.

Discover wholesale supplier prices at all major Canadian locations for gasoline, diesel, furnace oil, stove oil and biodiesel, along with a daily crude spot price and a weekly range for a variety of LPGs. View the list of Canadian rack locations.

The OPIS Canadian Rack Report also includes comparative figures for key products at alternative U.S. locations. Plus, get the news behind the numbers with expert commentary.

Try the OPIS Canadian Rack Report free for 5 days. It’s published daily and is available by email or FTP.

Wholesale pricing is also available for the U.S., Mexico and Australia.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Accurate daily pricing for gasoline, diesel, furnace oil, stove oil and biodiesel in one report.
  • Spot ranges for Carbon Compliance Allowance (CCA) and Quebec Cap-at-the-Rack prices help you stay in compliance.
  • Prices in U.S. cents/gallon and Canadian cents/liter save you time making conversions.
  • Comparisons of Canadian prices and nearby U.S. locations help you compare alternative supply points to make better import/export decisions.
  • Expert news analysis keeps you up-to-date on companies moving into Canada and trends impacting the market.


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