Solutions for Refiners & Suppliers of Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel

Overcome oil market volatility and stay ahead of changing prices.

Anticipate oil market volatility with OPIS pricing, news and market analysis.

Breaking refinery news, shifting market fundamentals and fluctuating fuel price trends can make or break your business and profits.


Create fuel contracts based on formulas using OPIS pricing.

Your customers want to forge relationships with you when you sign fuel contracts with them. The price formulas that join you together need constant monitoring and attention.

  • Use OPIS spot data to offer spot-plus formula deals to your customers.
  • Tap into OPIS benchmark rack data for unbiased downstream price discovery at more than 1,500 terminals in nearly 400 markets.
  • The OPIS Spot Ticker is a real-time pricing tool that helps predict rack price moves for better-timed wholesale transactions.

Buy low, sell high and maximize crack spreads based on OPIS data.

The foundation of your business involves buying crude oil and feedstocks at the most cost-effective level possible, then maximizing refined product sales.



Explore OPIS’ Customizable and Cost-Effective Spot, Rack and Retail Reports.