OPIS PricePro

A single platform, configured to work the way you do

The next generation fuel pricing software solution

Make your fuel prices competitive at every station, every minute of every day. Fine-tune pricing strategies to maximize margins and volumes.

PricePro collects retail fuel prices in your local area, or across the country, throughout the day, with real-time notifications or scheduled pricing events so you can adjust your pump pricing and strategies faster than ever before.

OPIS PricePro is also available on the go with your Android or your Apple device.


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Hear Meyer Oil's PricePro Success Story

Meet Alan Meyer.

Alan owns 23 Mach 1 convenience stores. He prices his fuel differently at each station making it time consuming and challenging with pricing strategies. Thanks to OPIS PricePro, he can now focus on driving profits instead of manually changing prices. In this video, Alan explains that it’s not about how you price your fuel, it’s about having the right tools to do it.  PricePro has been a massive game-changer for him … watch now and see why!

Know the moment your prices lose their competitive edge.

PricePro is a completely integrated system. In one place, you can store all your notes, costs, margins, volumes and history. Gain an overall view of how your stations are doing. Prices update at warp speed, no more manual entries.

Act with lightning speed and strategic perspective. With OPIS PricePro software, you’ll get the right price in front of your customers as soon as possible.

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12 Key Features

Competitive Retail Prices
Access prices in real-time through a continuous feed. We cleanse data to ensure accuracy. Provide customers with the most current and competitive price.

Volume Data Imports
Import the latest volumes by site and commodity through a file loader or API. See your volumes on a configurable map and compared to your other nearby locations. See volume variance by same day last week, last month and last year.

Strategy Proposed Prices
Easily build a strategy and price your sites by exception and priority. PricePro proposes a price based on the conditions you set.

Alerts that Interface with Application Status
Price change alerts require your response and link you back into the system. Every alert response updates status. Easily price by exception and prioritize where you spend your time.

Competitive Detail Comparison
Compare prices and margins vs. competitors by grade and date. Learn how often your price is higher, lower or the same. Comparison criteria includes averages for zip code, City, MSA and County.

Configurable Interface
Using React user interface (UI) developed by Meta, configure PricePro to work the way you do.

Replacement Cost and Margins
Rely on OPIS automated methodology for daily replacement costs and margins or add freight, taxes and other adjustments by site – simply drag and drop files into PricePro.

Integration with Point-of-Sale (POS) System
Integrate your POS directly into our open API at no extra cost. Or integrate via configurable middleware at a small monthly charge and little IT support. No expensive service contract needed.

Market-Based Proposed Prices
Statistical analysis of your past pricing performance in each site’s market (from 60 days to two years) generates pricing proposals that are explainable and acceptable.

Fully-Configurable Notifications
Build your notifications the way you want them, on your PricePro screen or by email or text message. Be notified about New-To-Industry (NTI) locations that might become competitors.

Competitive Price Survey Management
Update PricePro with site manager surveys, receiving email or text notifications of completion.

Extract the data you need in a snapshot emailed to you or dynamically on the fly with our data reporting feature. Filter settings to sort and configure data how you prefer. Export PricePro reports into your own reporting software and business analytics.