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OPIS provides online solutions and reports for your data and analytics needs through Axxis Software which covers gasoline, diesel and biofuels markets. Axxis Software allows you to automate areas of your business for increased efficiency.

PointLogic covers natural gas and NGL markets. Both offer a set of integrated tools to act as a one-stop shop for your market information, data and analytics needs.

Use Axxis’s fuel management automation software to help grow your customer base, margins and revenue.

  • Source, buy, sell, dispatch, reconcile and bill more efficiently with Axxis Software. Axxis’s integrated business intelligence solutions help you quickly analyze your fuel data to make the best pricing decisions. This integrated suite of software and services can be deployed in a modular fashion with plug-in integration to your back office system.
  • Analyze your fuel pricing data to make better purchasing choices and optimize your profitability. Work easily with large and complicated data sets while leveraging market analysis, predictive analytics and deal risk analysis.

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OPIS PointLogic Suite provides fundamental natural gas and NGL energy market data and expert analysis.

Leverage exceptional natural gas and NGL market analytics and intelligence from the PointLogic Suite to enhance your business’s profitability.

  • Access in-depth markets coverage, trend analysis and expert insight through a suite of integrated online tools.
  • Easily monitor pipelines and flows, natural gas production estimates, supply and demand information, NGL and natural gas plant volumes, power consumption and daily analytics reports to improve your business operations and increase profitability.
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