Improve Retail Fuel Margins

Increase Retail Fuel Station Profits, Sales & Margins

Increase Retail Gas Station Profits with OPIS Solutions

OPIS provides several pricing and market coverage solutions for retail gas and diesel station owners and managers, including convenience stores, working to expand their profit margins. Wholesale rack pricing verification, innovative local retail station data and oil market news provide the insight needed to successfully manage and grow your retail fuel business.

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Retail Gas Station
Invoice Stack

Wholesale rack prices for supply contracts and verification of fuel supplier costs.

Don’t overpay for wholesale fuel. As a gasoline and diesel retailer, your retail fuel margins are critical to success. A fuel bill that accurately reflects the agreements you reach with your supplier sets the groundwork for maximizing your profits.

Comprehensive data for tracking gas retailer prices, performance and competition.

OPIS provides retail price information to easily monitor your station performance, margins, brand power and competition.

  • RetailSuite offers retailers detailed comparisons of gas station performance including margins, pricing and volume data in real-time. It’s available online and you can select which products you need from the suite.
  • Manually collecting your competitions’ prices is inefficient and expensive. PricePro (web-based tool) streams competitor prices directly to your sites and updates POS and signage with the push of a button.
  • Get an annual overview of retail brand trends with the Retail Year in Review & Profit Outlook Report.
fuel pumps
Gas Station with Customers

Retail fuel market news, analysis and expert insights.

Protect your bottom line in today’s uncertain oil market. OPIS provides tips on attracting customers to your station or convenience store, breaking news that impacts oil markets and in-depth analysis for added context.

  • The Retail Fuel Watch Newsletter provides a weekly overview with easy-to-read charts, graphs and tables so you can grade retail profit performance against key competitors in more than 300 markets.
  • Discover the latest trends shaping the gas station and convenience store industry with Oil Express news service tailored specifically for fuel marketers.
  • Be the first to hear about every M&A deal as the markets continue to narrow with breaking news alerts. Plus, understand cause and effect behind price moves, regional price trends and be prepared for price changes to trickle down to the retailer level.

Capture more customers using the latest automotive technology

OPIS makes it easy for you to get more customers. From connected cars to mobile phone apps, technology is increasingly helping drivers choose where and when to buy fuel from right behind the wheel. Make sure your stations benefit from these advancements. Send OPIS your retail fuel prices and become part of its growing database that is currently distributed to over 30 million connected cars, 100 million phones and accessible for FREE on popular websites.

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