Solutions for Gasoline and Diesel Retailers

Increase Retail Fuel Margins, Profits and Sales

Verify your supplier costs with OPIS pricing.

As a gasoline and diesel retailer, your retail fuel margins are your lifeblood. A fuel bill that accurately reflects the agreements you reach with your supplier sets the groundwork for maximizing your profits.

Discover a better way to track your retail station performance and competition.

OPIS provides retail price information to easily monitor your station performance, margins, brand power and competition.

  • Our RetailSuite, comprised of web-based solutions, offers retailers detailed comparisons of station performance including margins, pricing and volume data in real-time.
  • Manually collecting your competitions’ prices is inefficient and expensive. PricePro and Retail Radius Report update your local retail competitor pricing with precision, so your employees don’t have to drive all over town collecting potentially inaccurate prices.
  • The Retail Fuel Watch Newsletter provides a weekly scorecard with easy-to-read charts, graphs and tables so you can grade retail profit performance against key competitors in more than 300 markets.
  • Thinking of expanding? Don’t act until you thoroughly analyze historical prices and margins with Retail DataHouse.
Gas Station

Use OPIS data to level the playing field in fuel price negotiations.

Knowing how to buy fuel cost effectively in today’s uncertain market is essential to saving money and even remaining in business. OPIS gives you the intelligence you need to be as knowledgeable about fuel pricing as your supplier.

  • Learn the latest trends shaping the retail fuel industry with our Oil Express news service tailored for fuel marketers.
  • Fine-tune your contracts and stop leaving money on the table with best practices learned in our online eLearning class Basics of Fuel Buying.
  • Anticipate price moves at the wholesale rack with the OPIS Spot Ticker, which lets you see in real-time when prices are rising and falling.
  • Be the first to hear about every M&A deal as the markets continue to narrow with breaking news alerts.

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