PetroChem Wire by OPIS, Refinery Propylene Focus Daily Report

Refinery Trends & News as Related to Petrochemicals

Insight on how petrochemicals interact with U.S. gasoline, blendstock and feedstock markets.

Petrochemical producers and consumers need to know how petroleum refinery economics and production trends affect chemical prices, but finding refinery news as it relates to petrochemicals isn’t easy.

In a concise, 5-page format, Refinery/Propylene Focus Daily provides insight into how and where petrochemicals and refining economics intersect. This report delivers an independent summary of each day’s closing prices and trading activity in all petrochemical markets related to propylene and benzene. View the PetroChem Wire Refinery Focus Daily fact sheet to learn more.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Summarized price movements in the downstream commodity markets related to refineries.
  • Daily RGP and PGP trading activity and PGP’s spread to propane.
  • Toluene, mixed xylenes, trading activity, fuel values for each and downstream styrene and cumene pricing.
  • Month-to-date weighted and calendar averages for RGP, PGP and styrene.
  • Same-day news about steam crackers, refineries, splitters, PDH units and associated downstream plants.
  • General trends in refined products markets, such as seasonal gasoline RVP changes, import and export trends in VGO, crack spreads and FCC margins.
  • Learn more about other PetroChem Wire reports.
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