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Energy Transition

As energy demand transitions from fossil fuels to low-carbon sources…

…understanding and anticipating sustainability trends provides a strategic advantage.

OPIS offers a range of innovative reports and services that bring much-needed clarity to the energy market’s transition toward low-carbon or sustainable fuels. From renewable feedstocks and carbon capture to recycled plastics and solar panels, we provide price transparency, real-time news and expert insight.

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Energy Transition Content

Carbon Market Report

Track compliance carbon costs and strategically manage risks.

The growing number of programs for reducing carbon emissions are exerting greater influence on pricing in traditional energy markets. Managing compliance with these programs can be costly without a clear view of the decentralized trading market. To remain profitable, buyers and sellers need daily assessments of fair market value.


Carbon Market Report meets the need for benchmark carbon pricing with comprehensive market coverage.

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Global Carbon Offsets Report

Manage commitments to carbon neutrality and gain visibility into voluntary carbon markets and net-zero strategies with a fair-price index.

The commitment to carbon neutrality continues to grow as corporations and jurisdictions chart a course for net-zero and airlines prepare for CORSIA compliance. A lack of price visibility hinders market players in trading carbon offset credits fairly and makes securing future project finance more difficult.


Global Carbon Offsets Report answers the demand for transparent voluntary carbon market pricing.

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Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service

Stay in-the-know on biofuel developments via real-time news alerts, a daily market overview and a weekly newsletter including price assessments.

Government regulations continue to favor biofuels, making them a critical sector of the fuel business, but one with little price discovery or market reporting devoted to it. As a result, the market offers less transparency for buyers and sellers.


Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service provides a single source for current news and unbiased pricing on renewable markets essential to the fuel supply chain.

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APAC Solar Weekly

Rely on fair and transparent solar materials pricing and market news

Amid the energy transition to low-carbon energy sources, increased demand for solar panel materials has been challenged by a fatigued supply chain, creating a volatile market. As a result, trusted price assessments for solar panel components are increasingly essential.


APAC Solar Weekly provides IOSCO-compliant pricing and current market news on solar materials production in the Asia-Pacific region, from upstream polysilicon, wafers and cells to downstream panel prices.

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Plastics Recycling

Get transparent pricing and expert insight on the business challenges posed by the plastics transition to circularity

The plastics ecosystem is now focused on eliminating waste and extracting maximum value from long-term resource use. This process increases demand risk and poses challenges to balancing emissions with plastics end-of-life goals.


Recycled Plastics Weekly contains more than 40 price assessments for plastic scrap, pellet (repro), flake (regrind) and scrap bales, plus prices and market news for post-consumer resin (PCR), including HDPE and PP.


Circular Plastics Service enables greater understanding of the plastic value chain’s transition from a liner to a circular economic model with comprehensive analytics and insights.

EV Charging Sites

Locate electric vehicle charging site availability

Discover EV locations across 50 countries in the world with currently close to 200,000 locations. Each location is described in terms of geographic location (address, lat, long), electrical characteristics (connector type, power), operator, etc.

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