OPIS Temperature Correction Assessment Report

Account for Gasoline & Diesel Volume Changes Due to Temperature

Create accurate wholesale supply contracts that adjust for temperature changes.

The OPIS Temperature Correction Assessment Report adjusts for changes in the amount of delivered fuel volumes due to temperature fluctuations. Every degree above or below the industry’s reference temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit affects the net amount of fuel delivered.

This report helps wholesale fuel buyers and sellers avoid financial risk and create accurate contracts that accommodate for temperature shifts. View the Temperature Correction Assessment Report fact sheet.

Using a proprietary formula derived from previous day weather information and OPIS rack prices, this daily report shows assessed values at rack locations in 34 states.

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What is Fuel Temperature Correction and Why is it Important?

Does your fuel supply contract account for temperature? Should it? Watch the video to understand more about gross and net billing and learn how the wholesale fuel sector handles fluctuating fuel volumes due to temperature.

The OPIS Temperature Correction Report is an independent, third-party reference that wholesale buyers and sellers can rely on for transparent and fair pricing. Test it out free for 10 days.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Create wholesale supply deals with an accurate formula that accounts for product shrinkage due to temperature changes.
  • Avoid financial loss due to product being received/delivered at above or below contracted net volumes.
  • Verify the temperature correction value in your formula deal.
  • Identify which markets are most susceptible to product expansion or shrinkage so you can adjust your deals accordingly.
  • Understand how much temperature actually impacts the amount of fuel that reaches your tank.
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