Solutions for Fuel Wholesalers, Jobbers & Distributors

Get the Best Fuel Supply Deals and Competitive Gas & Diesel Retail Pricing

Buy and sell gasoline and diesel strategically with OPIS pricing.

OPIS pricing is vital for wholesalers because nearly every gallon of wholesale gasoline and diesel fuel sold in the U.S. at some point transacts on an OPIS published price.

Daily and historical rack pricing solutions are available, along with extensive retail fuel sector data. You can also stay on top of the market with real-time refined oil products news.

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Benchmark rack pricing reports for wholesale fuel.

OPIS wholesale rack pricing is available in multiple timings and formats, for gasoline and/or diesel blends and biodiesel. OPIS is the energy industry benchmark for more than 36,000 wholesale gas and diesel prices from 1,500+ terminals at nearly 400 U.S. rack locations.

  • Daily gas and diesel wholesale rack pricing: Get a daily email report, or get wholesale rack prices in real time online.
  • International wholesale rack pricing: fuel price reports for Canada, Mexico and Australia.
  • Historical wholesale rack pricing: TimeSeries is our online historical pricing database for spot and wholesale rack fuel. Analyze trends, anticipate future price volatility and verify invoice pricing.
  • Bulk fuel pricing: The OPIS Spot Ticker lets you check bulk spot prices in real time, helping you strategize the time to dispatch, delay or cancel your product liftings based on market direction.
  • Axxis Software: OPIS can customize formats to your specifications to feed fuel prices into back-end systems for accounts payable or receivable.

Maintain Competitive Retail Gas Prices

OPIS has the retail fuel data you need to ensure competitive pricing whether you supply five stations or fifty, own retail sites or supply fuel to local governments and utilities.

  • Discover what stations near you are charging for fuel: for retail gas station owners and managers, PricePro and Retail Radius Report give you accurate updates on what your competitors are charging – eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming and often inaccurate manual price surveys.
  • Historical retail pricing data: use OPIS’s extensive historical wholesale price database to conduct precise bid analysis for end-user RFPs.
  • Buying a new retail site? Retail DataHouse gives you historical prices and margins to help you predict performance in competitive fuel markets.
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OPIS news keeps you informed in a rapidly changing energy market.

From energy emissions regulations changing the way fuel is bought and sold to the booming energy M&A scene, OPIS keeps you informed and connected to critical industry developments.

Intraday News Alerts deliver breaking gasoline, diesel and oil market information to you via email or on your mobile device. Instantly discover changes in the fuel slate, supply and demand, market-moving events and industry buzz.