OPIS MarketSharePro

Compare Your Retail Fuel Station's Market Share Against Leading Brands

See which retail brands are selling the most gas and diesel in any market.

Get access to exclusive data that compares your brand’s volume and price differential against your competitors. OPIS MarketSharePro, part of OPIS RetailSuite, is an interactive web-based program that shows you where your brand stands on a local and national level.

Chart market share, outlet share, price differential and efficiency all in one graph to give you a full picture of your brand’s power in your local market. Use this information to improve pricing strategies and to monitor which brands are the leaders when it comes to selling fuel.

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Expand your retail market share and evaluate brand power.

Solidify your gas station’s competitive advantage with MarketSharePro. This easy-to-use interactive platform with real-time data, charts and export capabilities helps you:

  • Improve retail gas and diesel pricing strategies.
  • Monitor the pricing strategies of market-leading brands.
  • Protect existing market share and expand new market share.
  • Compare competitors’ price differentials.
  • Identify brands with the most market share in your target market (national down to metro level).

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Compare your brand’s market share and price differential against your competitors.
  • Track how pricing strategy impacts market share.
  • Identify the brands that are most efficient based on outlet share.
  • See which brands are successfully selling the most gallons in any given geography.
  • Tailor your fuel pricing on a localized basis to increase volumes and/or profits.
  • Analyze markets that are ripe for expansion and/or acquisitions.
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