Gain a 360° view of companies, markets, cost, supply and demand in the coal & metals mining industry.

MineSpans, by McKinsey, delivered by McCloskey, enables financial market customers and investors to uncover valuable insights by delivering a comprehensive view of the mining industry

In today’s volatile metallurgical coal markets, reliable data are critical when making investment and trading decisions. However, most supply, demand, and cost-intelligence tools lack the transparency and accuracy that analysts need. Further muddying the waters, coking coal pricing is opaque with values differing significantly by coal type and brand. Understanding an individual mine’s competitiveness amid an evolving cost environment is challenging.

The MineSpans Metallurgical Coal Solution enables customers to uncover valuable insights by delivering a comprehensive view of this industry focusing on mining and delivered cost. The data and methodology behind the MineSpans cost and margin curves and mine models are fully transparent, allowing users to stress-test assumptions and make critical decisions with confidence.

Users can have confidence in the independent view of the market, developed by experts with experience in mining operations and finance. MineSpans helps customers to:

  • Understand the mining costs and delivered costs for all seaborne trade-serving mines globally.
  • Understand historical volumes, as well as the volume of new supply coming online by defined quality.
  • Use filters to include or exclude assets based on stage of development, quality, location, market or numerous other variables.
  • MineSpans includes McCloskey’s demand expectations for each market.

Commodities covered by MineSpans are: Lithium, Cobalt, Metallurgical coal, Iron ore, Uranium, Zinc, Copper, Nickel and Gold.