OPIS Truckstop Spread Report

Retail Diesel Fuel Prices at Truckstops Across the U.S. & Canada

Compare fluctuations in truckstop fuel prices and costs against the competition

Just a half-cent per gallon price difference at individual truckstops can have a large influence in profit (or loss). The OPIS Truckstop Report report is a cost-effective resource to optimize the profitability of a truckstop network – from large fleets to smaller retailers.  This report taps into our extensive database of retail diesel fuel prices at 6,000 truckstops across the U.S. and Canada.

Measure truckstop fuel prices by state or interstate and see how your truckstop competitors price their diesel fuel. See estimated retail diesel costs and margins calculated with proprietary OPIS wholesale prices, state and federal taxes and estimated freight rates.

Try the OPIS Truckstop Spread Report free for 5 days. This report provides daily truckstop fuel prices and is available by email or FTP.

View the Truckstop Spread Report fact sheet.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Manually collecting truckstop price data is impractical and unreliable – OPIS does the work for you in one cost-effective report.
  • Easily identify the lowest retail price in a market – clear notations indicate the lowest prices in the market.
  • Daily breakdown of implied margins to monitor profitability by state or interstate, with data tailored to your driving routes.
  • Completely updated retail prices and price changes for ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD), B2, B5, B10 and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
  • A view into your competitors’ estimated cost of fuel helps you judge your truckstop’s prices within a cost-plus index.
  • New truckstops automatically added to the report help you identify emerging competition.
  • Report is available by state, interstate or truckstop network.
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