PetroChem Daily Wire

Comprehensive Daily Petrochemicals Pricing

Accurate pricing and market intelligence on daily spot petrochemical deals and most robust bids across petrochemical markets.

In a concise format including up-to-date charts and tables, you’ll get an independent summary of each day’s closing prices and trading activity across all petrochemical markets.

PetroChem Wire by OPIS is recognized by CME NYMEX and ICE as the benchmark for futures contracts and risk management. The PetroChem Wire Daily focuses on spot ethylene, propylene, polyethylene and polypropylene transactions. View the PetroChem Wire Daily Fact Sheet to learn more.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive daily prices for key U.S. monomers and polymers.
  • Daily PGP, RGP, PE, PP and PS prices and forward curves.
  • The most complete olefins daily deal list.
  • Month-to-date weighted and calendar averages for ethylene, RGP and PGP.
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