OPIS Real-Time Racks

Real-Time Gasoline, Diesel & Biodiesel Rack Pricing Online

Real-time visibility into wholesale gasoline, diesel and biodiesel rack price changes.

OPIS Real-Time Racks shows wholesale fuel sellers and buyers live rack prices for gasoline, diesel and biodiesel with instant notifications of price changes.

Watch intraday price moves during times of volatility, react immediately to market conditions, improve profit margins and cut costs by optimizing your wholesale fuel purchases with real-time price insight.

Go here to learn how to read an OPIS rack report.

Try OPIS Real-Time Racks free for 10 days to access live wholesale rack pricing. You’ll receive a login ID and password to access the online portal. For fastest service, be sure to select which rack location(s) you would like to preview when completing the form.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Suppliers can quickly react to competitors’ price moves to protect their volumes and profits.
  • Buyers can see what direction prices are moving and know the exact price when they buy.
  • Always remain aware of price swings during market volatility.
  • Identify alternative suppliers at the same terminal or nearby locations.
  • Prices are available in gross/net payment terms and standard/terminal formats.
  • All changes are time-stamped and color-coded (green for increases and red for decreases) for quick visual identification.
  • Prices for nearly 400 wholesale rack locations are available with various grades, types, blends and RVP included.
  • The convenient online interface provides two viewing options:
    • The “Rack View” shows pricing by supplier and product by market. See the moves within the last 6 hours, and filter your view by a specific product or group of products.
    • The “Move Log” option provides a chronological listing of all price moves. You can also export all data from the Move Log to analyze all mid-day moves. Filtering and sorting options include city, state, supplier, product, price change, new price, local effective time, PADD, and/or fuel type.
  • Rack prices are also available via email or online.
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