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OPIS Gasoline Pricing and Market Coverage

OPIS provides extensive gasoline pricing, market news and analysis through many products and formats which are available for free trial or demo. Select from gasoline spot pricing, wholesale rack pricing, retail gas station pricing (for example, monitor competing local stations’ posted gasoline prices), historical gasoline price data and gasoline market news. Plus, software solutions are available for those seeking more streamlined management tools for their wholesale gasoline/fuel businesses.


Spot Gasoline Pricing

OPIS provides NYMEX and spot gasoline pricing for RBOB, CBOB, CARBOB and AZRBOB, regular and premium grades, for all key U.S. spot markets. You can customize our spot reports and tools to match your needs for a specific region and/or gasoline product.

  • OPIS Spot Ticker – the OPIS Spot Ticker provides the highest-level of all-day gasoline pricing transparency for NYMEX futures and spot cash gasoline prices through a real-time, web-based tool.
  • West Coast Spot Market Report – OPIS is the preferred industry reference for benchmark gasoline pricing on the West Coast, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Pacific Northwest.
  • OPIS Full-Day Refined Spots Report – Rely on this daily report for tracking gasoline pricing and markets east of the Rockies.
  • Mexico Fuels Report –  Landed spot gasoline prices for key locations in Mexico with accurately calculated RVP and octane blend values.


Rack Gasoline Pricing

Billions of gallons of gasoline are bought and sold based on OPIS benchmark wholesale rack pricing. OPIS provides gasoline prices at hundreds of locations in the U.S. Reports show regular, unleaded and premium grades of gasoline, as well as ethanol blends, along with appropriate RVP designations.

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Retail Gasoline Pricing

OPIS tracks millions of gasoline prices for outlets in North America and collects pricing from stations across Europe, South America, Japan, Mexico and Australia.

  • RetailSuite is comprised of several web-based tools for retailers to monitor their overall gas station performance via one data platform.
  • PricePro (a web-based tool) and Retail Radius Report (emailed excel or PDF file) allow you to monitor local competitors’ gasoline prices quickly and accurately.
  • OPIS also provides tools to help you monitor retail margins, volume and market share against competing gas stations.
  • We can also create custom retail gasoline reports to suit your specific data needs.
  • New! Find out if pump prices will increase, stay steady or decrease with OPIS Fuelstradamus. By applying data science and machine learning, OPIS creates an accurate predictive algorithm for price moves. Discover gas price moves 24 hours in advance in local markets.

Gasoline Price History

Use our on-demand historical databases to pull spot, rack and retail gasoline price history as-needed or request a custom report.

  • Spot and wholesale gasoline price history is available through TimeSeries, an on-demand database for self-service historical price searches. Data goes back 30+ years in some markets.
  • Invoice Checker is a cost-effective way to access spot and rack gasoline prices for specific historical point(s), one-at-a-time.
  • Retail DataHouse is your source for historical retail gasoline prices back to 2007.
  • Customized gasoline price history is also available.
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Gasoline Market News

OPIS provides breaking news, exclusive stories, experts insights and in-depth analysis on the various factors that influence gasoline pricing and market trends.

  • OPIS Newsletter provides expert reporting and analysis on major spot, rack and retail gasoline trends.
  • Oil Express is geared specifically for fuel marketers and retail gas station owners with practical tips and news. The service also includes real-time news alerts.
  • Retail Fuel Watch is an overview of retail market trends and gas station performance in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Intraday News Alerts for refined products put important gasoline market news in your inbox instantly.

Gasoline Market Analytics & Automation Solutions from Axxis Software

Automate your gasoline price management. Axxis Software provides extensive analytics and solutions for managing you fuel business’s gasoline pricing, invoicing and much more in an automated software platform.

OPIS provides many formats and delivery methods for our information on gasoline. Contact us to discuss your needs or view product finder results for gasoline.