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Time is money – don’t waste it searching for the important oil market news you need.

Make better business decisions with instant access to critical industry news. Put an end to sorting through the abundance of energy-related news, and focus on the stories and events that actually impact your business.

If there is a refinery problem, pipeline outage, regulatory update or any other event influencing downstream fuel distribution, you’ll learn about it immediately from OPIS Intraday News Alerts. View the Intraday News Alerts fact sheet to learn more details about the service.

OPIS offers several types of Intraday News Alerts and free trials are available. During the trial you will receive alerts in real time via email for 5 days. Once your trial has begun, you can request a daily news wrap-up if you would prefer.

Learn more about our selection of Intraday News Alerts:

  • General refined products alerts include market news, analysis and pricing trends for multiple commodities including crude oil, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, lpg, feedstocks, petrochemicals and biofuels.
  • LP Gas market alerts include market, analysis and pricing trends specifically influencing LPG/NGLs.
  • Biofuels alerts focus on ethanol, biodiesel and renewable fuels markets as well as key industry influencers such as government programs and regulations.

 Refined Products News Alerts

Get breaking news and market analysis, including NYMEX and EIA information. Commodity news coverage includes gasoline, diesel, biofuels, jet fuel, crude oil, LPGs, natural gas and refinery feedstocks.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Understand the causes of market volality and shifts in pricing trends.
  • Understand supply and demand dynamics with editorial context.
  • Identify arbitrage opportunities with import/export insight.
  • Prepare for RVP switchovers and fuel spec changes.
  • React to pipeline schedules that impact supply and refinery problems that alter fuel production.
  • Ensure compliance with current and proposed legislation.
  • Learn about mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies and assets on the market.
  • Get coverage of all major spot markets, futures and crude oil.
  • View the Refined Products News Alerts fact sheet.

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LP Gas News Alerts

Learn about trades, market and pricing trends for Mt. Belvieu, Conway and other key LPG, natural gas and propane markets.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Learn how domestic and international developments impact North American NGLs.
  • Estimate increasing demand for LNG imports.
  • Understand how natural gas production influences NGL pricing and supply.
  • Track refinery outages that alter production.
  • Get coverage of all LPG major hubs.
  • View the LP Gas News Alerts fact sheet.

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Biofuels News Alerts

Keep up with trends in ethanol, biodiesel and biofuels feedstocks and environmental credit markets plus renewable fuels industry and regulatory policies.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Daily Refined Spot Biofuels Deal Log, with a daily overview of RINs, LCFS and CFP credit transactions to better track their pricing trends.
    • Shows the type of credit that was reported traded – available across all RIN categories – as well as the timing of the transfer of the credit and the transacted price of the trade and the volume of the trade, when available.
    • Traded price levels, credit type, volumes and other insight into trades.
    • Snapshot of daily price volatility and volume activity trends.
  • Daily spot market price discovery in the OPIS End of Day Ethanol Assessment Report including:
    • Closing spot ethanol and biodiesel assessments.
    • All 4 types of RIN values.
    • Assessments for California’s LCFS credits and Washington’s CFP credits and CI values.
  • Discover changes to programs like RFS2, LCFS and Cap-and-Trade.
  • Understand how European and Brazilian markets are influencing biofuels production and export/imports.
  • React to transportation problems that impact regional supplies.
  • View the Biofuels News Alerts fact sheet.

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“I'd be lost without OPIS Intraday News Alerts! They allow me to make buying decisions ahead of any rack pricing moves and let me plan out inventory acquisition to maximize our margins. With all the volatility that has taken place over the past months, the alert emails I received helped me increase my gross margins by as much as 50%. ”
Kevin J. Kyle Fuel Manager, Thruway Travel Centers, LLC