OPIS Full-Day Refined Spots Report

Daily Spot Prices for Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel | East Coast Markets

Gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spot pricing, news and commentary for the U.S. Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast and Midwest.

For an entire day of trading activity, the OPIS Full-Day Refined Spots Report provides gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spot pricing assessments, news and expert commentary and analysis for the U.S. Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast and Midwest markets. Benchmark trades all session long with a full-day view of East of the Rockies spot fuel markets.

Our editors tap into a deep pool of industry sources to provide a comprehensive reference for Gulf Coast, Gulf Coast Waterborne, NY Harbor Barge, NY Harbor Cargo, Buckeye Pipeline, Laurel Pipeline, Boston Harbor Cargo, Linden Junction, Group 3, Chicago Comprehensive, Buckeye Complex, Wolverine Pipeline and West Shore/Badger pipelines spot markets. We take our cues from the market and follow it as it trades. View our methodology.

Try the OPIS Full-Day Refined Spots Report free for 10 days. It’s published daily and is available by email or FTP and can be also be customized by market to suit your needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Deal log shows you all confirmed trades.
  • Full-day coverage of the spot market expressed in low, high, last, mean and weighted spot averages.
  • 5-day and 30-day rolling averages show you spot trends over the past week or month.
  • Renewables pricing gives you settlements for CBOT ethanol, soybean oil and corn, as well as benchmark spot ethanol, biodiesel, cellulosic and advanced biofuel RINs.
  • Weekly DOE breakdown showcases the latest supply and demand stats.
  • Extensive forward-timing pricing lets you plan purchases and sales.
  • Analysis of NYMEX futures and spot prices helps you anticipate market trends.
  • Commentary on each spot region drills into unique market details.
  • Live gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spot pricing and pricing for West Coast markets is also available.
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“We find OPIS spot prices for the U.S. refined product markets to be consistently reliable and accurate. We have confidence in the scope of their market coverage and the integrity of their survey process. OPIS has a good working knowledge of the industry and the markets and strive to understand the fundamental factors influencing price movements beyond simple reporting of numbers. ”
Mark Anderle Trading and Supply, TAC Energy