PetroChem Wire by OPIS, Recycled Plastics Weekly Report

Standardized Pricing for the Recycled Plastics Market

Market values for plastic scrap, regrind, repro, PCR and offgrade polymers.

Recycled Plastics Weekly provides the necessary price transparency and predictability for buyers and sellers in the growing recycled plastics market.

Published every Thursday, it provides accurate and unbiased pricing for this booming market in an easy-to-read, five-page PDF format. By standardizing grades, delivery location and applying other specification standards (color, glass content, etc.), the commodity values assigned to each resin listed in the report provide the most clarity and insight available to the industry. View the PetroChem Wire Recycled Plastics Weekly fact sheet to learn more.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • 40+ weekly assessments for for repro, regrind and scrap bales, plus assessments and market news on PCR, HDPE, PP, PS, PET, PVC and Nylon.
  • Exclusive news on force majeures and other plant disruptions, closures, openings and expansions.
  • U.S. import and export data on plastic scrap, including PS, PVC, HDPE, PET, unsorted and prime PET resin.
  • Recent spot deals — including commodity, price, location, volume — and results of municipal bid offering bale sales.
  • Graphs and tables show historical price moves for long-term perspective.
  • Learn more about PetroChem Wire reports.
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