Thermal Coal Markets & Research

Integrated short- and long-term global thermal coal outlooks with key benchmarks

Strategic thermal coal insights and research reports on key issues in the market

Find answers to the industry’s most pressing questions with our comprehensive service integrating short- and long-term global thermal coal outlooks. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports with a 25-year forecast, plus supporting analysis for global steam coal supply/demand, prices, costs curves and freight, allow you to assess market balance, identify trends and maximize opportunities

Keep pace with market developments with access to our proprietary thermal coal market prices, trade and industry statistics, and country-level supply & demand analysis.

Enterprise-wide access to content through our online platform, McCloskey, allows you to:

  • Quickly download reliable thermal coal pricing, production, imports, exports and other statistics
  • Support mining, production, transportation, trading and investment strategies
  • Monitor competing fuel dynamics and capitalize on inflection points
  • Understand political, economic and technological factors driving regional markets
  • Anticipate risks to coal’s position within the global energy mix


What’s included:

  • Global metallurgical and steam coal trade and price analysis
  • Global mergers and acquisitions
  • Global transport, logistics and freight
  • Global mining, power and steel
  • Global production, consumption, import/export analysis
  • Analysis of electricity/carbon markets
  • Comprehensive listing of all benchmark coal indices, freight rates and swaps

Living balance sheet, price forecast, and production outage list provides detailed intelligence on supply, demand and prices. It is published monthly and during times of market uncertainty it is updated weekly.

  • Quarterly report with 18-24 month outlook for global thermal coal trade and data
  • Country-by-country demand and supply analysis
  • Stockpiles (producers & consumers)
  • Hydro and generation activity, rail and port developments
  • Detailed forecast of supply, demand and freights
  • Conclusions about thermal coal price outlooks
  • Analysis of Atlantic and Pacific thermal coal markets
  • Alerts of impending market shortages or surpluses, indicating price direction

  • APAC and Europe country reports
  • Regional reports for India, Australia, South Africa, China, North America
  • Data sets for imports and exports, freight rates, port throughputs, FOB differentials and markers, and more