OPIS Invoice Checker

Verify Fuel Purchase Prices With a Low-Cost Option

A convenient, cost-effective alternative to daily fuel pricing service.

The OPIS Invoice Checker is a self-service online tool that allows you to pull spot and rack prices one-at-a-time, as needed. Auditing your fuel purchases is simple, whether you purchase daily, weekly or monthly. It’s budget friendly – pull a single price point for as low as $15.

With this tool, you can spot check fuel invoices without the commitment of a long-term pricing subscription. It’s ideal for smaller fuel buyers who need to audit purchases and check that they’re they are paying the right price for fuel but are constrained by budget and don’t have an ongoing need for spot/rack pricing.View the Invoice Checker fact sheet to learn more about it.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Select price parameters, including date, location, product, grade, benchmark and supplier to determine the exact price needed.
  • Get prices at your convenience – no need to wait for price report delivery.
  • Pinpoint the exact price you need without wasting time sifting through unnecessary data.
  • Pay for only the information you need.
  • Pull a single price for as low as $15/query.
  • Affordable solution for even the smallest of budgets.
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