APAC Solar Weekly Report

Rely on fair and transparent solar materials pricing and market news.

Energy transition is well underway as demand shifts from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy sources. Increased demand for solar panel materials combine with a fatigued supply chain to create a volatile market. Accurate, trusted price assessments for solar panel components is more vital than ever before.

From upstream polysilicon, wafers and cells, to downstream panel prices, the OPIS APAC Solar Weekly Report keeps you updated on price trends and forward prices. It is the first solar materials price report to use an assessment methodology that follows IOSCO requirements for fair and transparent pricing.

Just Added! OPIS now publishes Solar Modules Forward Curves, based primarily on traded prices, bids and offers for solar photovoltaic (PV) modules as collected from market participants.

Try the OPIS APAC Solar Weekly Report free for eight weeks. Each Tuesday you will receive a PDF report with the week’s polysilicon, wafer, cell and module price assessments, historical price data and expert insight to put it all in context.

The only solar panel and polysilicon pricing report that adheres to IOSCO reporting requirements.

The OPIS APAC Solar Weekly Report is the first and only solar panel and polysilicon pricing report to follow the International Organization of Securities Commissions’ (IOSCO) requirements for fair and transparent pricing. This means you can rely on the OPIS price assessments to be unbiased and truly reflective of market activity. Read the OPIS APAC Solar Weekly Pricing and Methodology (PDF), OPIS price assessment methodologies and our Spot Market Pricing Compliance Policy.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Spot and forward prices for polysilicon, wafers, cells and panels
  • Key benchmarks for polysilicon and panels
  • Impartial analysis of pricing and trends​
  • Market commentary from trusted key sources
  • News reported by veteran industry journalists
  • Historical data for key market segments

OPIS is proud to be a member of the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC). ESMC is an industry association dedicated to promoting the interests of the European PV manufacturing sector.

  • Solar Modules Forward Curves:
    • FOB China module prices
    • FOB Southeast Asia (SEA) module prices
    • DDP US module prices
  • Price Markers Not Found Anywhere Else:
    • Polysilicon Marker​ – weighted average of international polysilicon that is subjected to import duties into China on the one hand and international polysilicon that is not subjected to import duties into China.
    • Chinese Modules Marker – an index for FOB China modules price, the weighted average of multi and mono PERC panels, on an FOB China basis.