OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report

Daily Pricing for Naphtha, LPG & Gasoline at Asia-Pacific Hubs

Gain greater transparency into Asia-Pacific markets for more strategic buy and sell decisions on refinery feedstocks, LPG and gasoline.

In the Asia-Pacific region, a variety of feedstocks, such as naphtha and propane, are available. Spot price volatility in the trading market can increase the cost of one commodity above the other in just a few short months, so it’s important to monitor pricing patterns for these feedstocks.

The OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report is a single resource that reveals light distillate market conditions and includes pricing assessments for naphtha, LPG and gasoline at the major Asia-Pacific hubs.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Spot naphtha prices for C&F Japan, FOB Singapore, FOB Arab Gulf LR1, FOB Arab Gulf LR2 and CFR spot propane prices for C&F Japan and C&F South China.
  • Outright FOB Arab Gulf spot prices for propane and butane extend your view of the market.
  • Spread/differential pricing for NAP-Brent cracks, intermonth spreads, CFR spot differentials and FOB.
  • Spot differentials highlight the relationships between key products.
  • 3-month forward pricing for CFR Japan naphtha swaps (close) showcases the near-term forward curve.
  • Spot gasoline prices and differentials gauge the value between refined products.
  • FOB Singapore spot differential calculations (92 RON) spotlight changing price dynamics.
  • At-a-glance price trends with many charts and graphs.
  • Actionable news on refinery disturbances, tenders, and shipping routes.
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