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OPIS is widely referenced as a benchmark for RIN credit pricing and carbon allowance and offset credit pricing related to the U.S. and Canadian environmental mandates such as RFS2, low carbon fuels standard and cap-and-trade programs. We offer several daily pricing reports with carbon market news as well historical pricing.

Daily and Weekly Pricing & News Services

  • Carbon Market Report was developed specifically to help businesses stay in compliance with national and regional environmental programs and manage compliance costs and risks. It includes expert commentary on the day’s trading activity plus real-time news alerts with carbon market coverage and legislative updates. Pricing assessments include:
    • California carbon allowance (CCA)
    • California carbon offset (CCO)
    • California cap-at-the-rack (CAR)
    • California low carbon fuel standard (LCFS)
    • Quebec cap-at-the-rack
    • All 4 types of RIN values (biodiesel, advanced biofuel, corn ethanol and cellulosic)
    • European carbon futures
    • California Static Emissions (STAC) provides transparency into refiner-level costs associated with cap-and-trade.
  • Global Carbon Offsets Report is the world’s first voluntary carbon markets price report, meeting the demand for price discovery and transparency across the industry. It provides daily physical assessments for 27 voluntary carbon offset credits and 10 compliance carbon offset credits, including REDD+, CORSIA Eligible Offset, and California Carbon Offset credits. Breaking news coverage and analysis reveals trends and fundamentals impacting global voluntary carbon market supply and demand.
  • OPIS Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service for monitoring the broader renewable fuels market, in addition to carbon markets.
  • West Coast Spot Market Report includes market news and daily prices for CAR, CCA, LCFS values and all four types of RINs as well as other refined products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel for official reference in supply contracts.
  • Full Day Refined Spot Report provides daily RINs prices in addition to gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other commodity assessments and market coverage.
  • OPIS Spot Ticker shows daily values for Ethanol D6 RINs, Biodiesel D4 RINs and Advanced Biofuel D5 RINs.
  • APAC Solar Weekly Report is the first solar materials report to follow IOSCO requirements for fair and transparent pricing of polysilicon, wafers, cells and module prices.
  • Canadian Rack Report includes Quebec and Ontario cap-at-the-rack prices and the corresponding carbon compliance allowance spot price.

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OPIS provides many formats and delivery methods for our information on RINs and carbon credits. Contact us to discuss your needs or view product finder results for RINs and carbon credits.


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