OPIS WebRacks

Get updated OPIS rack prices multiple times per day.

As intraday rack price changes become more common, OPIS WebRacks gives you more flexibility than a single daily price feed. Continual awareness of price swings allows you to adjust your wholesale fuel purchasing strategy and save money.

This easy-to-use web tool eliminates the need to wait for gasoline, diesel and biodiesel rack prices by email – you’re in control of when and where you get your prices.

Try OPIS WebRacks free for 5 days. You’ll receive a login ID and password to access this online application.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Search for competitive pricing and keep suppliers honest with increased market visibility.
  • Reconcile your invoices easily with a benchmark price reference.
  • React to intraday price swings quickly  for better purchase timing.
  • Identify price trends with access to five days’ worth of historical data.
  • Know which suppliers are changing prices and how often.
  • When reconciling invoices or conducting deals, use the information in our Spot Replacement Index (SRI) to factor in delivery costs for spot product delivered to a particular rack.
  • Includes the OPIS Smart Rack, which tracks retail prices to determine average margins for your competitors.
  • Reports are available in both OPIS standard (one price per supplier per market) and detailed terminal (multiple prices per supplier per market) formats.
  • Reports are available in both gross (straight wholesale price) and net (with prompt payment discounts included) payment terms.
  • Select from any of 12 timed updates throughout the day, including 3 OPIS benchmarks.
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