OPIS Retail Radius Report

Get Your Competitors' Retail Gas & Diesel Prices Sent to You Daily

Survey the retail fuel prices of competitors without leaving your office.

The OPIS Retail Radius Report provides real-time retail gas and diesel prices for competitors within a 2-mile, 5-mile or 10-mile radius of a selected retail site. It’s an easy and safe way to protect operating profits against the competition.

Try the OPIS Retail Radius Report free for 4 weeks. Select an excel or PDF file. PDF is ideal for companies with 5 stations or less.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time updates allow for quick price adjustments to remain competitive.
  • No need for costly and time-consuming store surveys that quickly become outdated.
  • Track locations to determine which ones are driving the market down or are opportunities for acquisition.
  • Import pricing into databases and build trend reports.
  • Receive a radius report surrounding a specific point of interest, not just your own gas stations –perfect for fleets, rental car companies, company cars and more.
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