OPIS PricePro

Instant Notification of Competitor Price Changes

React instantly to your competitors’ retail station price changes with real-time data.

OPIS PricePro is a real-time, online solution that taps into the market-leading OPIS database of 140,000 retail fuel stations and 2 million price reports per day. No more costly store surveys, manual tracking of competitor prices and resulting price moves made in the dark.

Start monitoring gasoline and diesel prices in your local area the fastest and most accurate way available. You’ll know the moment your prices lose their competitive edge.

OPIS PricePro is also available on the go with your Android or your Apple device.

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Discover how to increase retail fuel profits with OPIS PricePro.

Grow your retail business and improve profits and margins by tracking your local competitors’ retail fuel station pump prices, price moves and margins as they happen.

With 3 million retail fuel prices in OPIS’s database, you’ll have the needed information to quickly adjust your pricing strategies to boost your fuel margins and profits.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Create a list of competitors to watch within a 25-mile radius, or specific rivals, with an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • “Set it and forget it” alerts system helps  you create rules for monitoring your station(s) against competitors. Edit anytime.
  • Get a text, email or alert when your rules are broken so you can adapt your prices.
  • Historical data lets you compare competitors’ past prices to anticipate patterns.
  • Access via the web, so there’s no need to download external software.
  • Available on your Android or your Apple device.