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Live Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel Spot Prices

Access live gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spot pricing throughout the trading day.

NYMEX oil futures fluctuate wildly on domestic and global events. This impacts the bulk physical spot refined product market, which spikes and dives in response to any supply chain disruption. And at 6pm every day, spot price moves directly influences prices to go up or down at the wholesale rack, which ripple down to gas and diesel prices at the pump.

The OPIS Spot Ticker connects you to this fuel price influence chain – in real-time, all day long. Access is available online or via mobile app. This pricing tool shows live NYMEX prices alongside real-time trades and expert assessments of every grade of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel East of the Rockies and on the U.S. West Coast.

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Vital pricing for fuel traders, suppliers and marketers.

Our customers report that this pricing tool has proven indispensable. Here’s why:

  • Fuel buyers and sellers use it to predict the direction wholesale rack prices are headed. They can time sales and purchases of physical fuel either in advance or after price changes depending on what timing is more profitable or cost effective.
  • Suppliers and refiners use it to set the price of their rack barrels and buy barrels competitively when necessary to meet supply commitments..
  • Traders use it as an independent third-party view of NYMEX differentials and calculated spot prices.

View the OPIS Spot Ticker fact sheet to learn more about the product and it’s benefits. Read our spot pricing methodology for complete details on our spot pricing assessments.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Change indicators show clear direction for futures, physical prices and basis differentials.
  • Spot markets displayed the way you want them allow you to drag, drop, collapse and save a custom view, plus access news and reports.
  • Benchmark renewable fuel pricing provides intraday updates of Chicago ethanol spot values, as well as ethanol, biodiesel and advanced biofuel RINs.
  • Colonial Pipeline line space assessments plus the latest changes in pipeline cycles, products available, RVP and reference month shifts keep you informed of important market details.
  • Live futures with after-hours trading:
    • WTI & ICE Brent crude feeds plus RBOB and ULSD futures enabled for live updates.
    • Globex feed takes over after the NYMEX close to give you an extended market view.
  • Live 3:2:1 crack spreads calculate implied refined product gross margins versus Brent and WTI crude oil contracts.
  • Ticker data is available for direct delivery into back-end pricing and mark-to-market systems hourly – or more frequently with an API file.
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Mobile Spot Ticker for Access to Spot Prices On-the-Go

A must-have tool for on-the-go marketers, suppliers, traders, brokers and large bulk buyers in today’s volatile U.S. spot markets.

OPIS Mobile Spot Ticker App Features Include:

  • Real-Time Pricing & News Updates – Capture pricing updates and get the latest news as it happens.
  • Live NYMEX Feed – Gain access to NYMEX prices in one convenient location throughout the trading day.
  • Brent Crude Pricing – Easily compare Brent crude prices, the most commonly referenced crude in Europe, with WTI prices.
  • Pipeline Scheduling – Get key pipeline scheduling times for even greater trading detail.
  • Available Add-on Feature: Price Notifications – Get instant text or email alerts on your phone based on the parameters you set.

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“As someone who buys about 35 million gallons of fuel per year, I couldn't live without the OPIS Spot Ticker. By following the bulk cash markets and timing my daily purchases, I have improved my margins tremendously over the past two years. ”
Alan Meyer Fuel Manager, Meyer Oil