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Axxis Software

Axxis Software, part of OPIS, offers integrated back office system software tools allowing suppliers, resellers and marketers to source, buy, sell, dispatch, reconcile and bill more efficiently.

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Web-based solution provides critical data fuel retailers need – live competitor pricing alerts, margins, market share, and weekly volume trends. Better manage and grow your retail fuel business.

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Become more profitable when selling fuel by using the live retail margin information in OPIS MarginPro. Discover instantly if margins are up or down. Track margins by MSA or on a state or national level.

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OPIS DemandPro allows you to tap into local retail station performance data. With accurate and relevant sales trends, volumes and profitability information, you can better compete in your local retail fuel market.

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Improve pricing strategy and monitor retail brand power. This interactive web-based tool compares your brand’s volume and price differential against that of your competitors on a local and national level.

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Vessel Tracking

OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel and Gasoline Tanker Trackers show the live movement of European jet fuel, diesel and gasoline cargoes. Tracking oil deliveries in real-time provides a unique money-saving advantage – particularly in an arbitrage-driven market.

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Australian Oil Market Price Report

The OPIS Australian Oil Market Price Report is a weekly resource for Australian fuel pricing and margin trends. Use a reliable and independent benchmark to estimate the costs for refined products and to track pricing and margins in Australian markets.

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Oil Express

Oil Express news service is filled with practical tips and information for fuel marketers to help grow their business, avoid risks, and increase profits and margins. The service includes a weekly newsletter plus real-time news alerts.

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Customized Retail Fuel Prices and Margins

Create custom data feeds for the specific retail gasoline and diesel prices and margin information you need. OPIS tracks 140,000 retail stations and can create custom reports based on the geographic area and time-frame of your choice.

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International Feedstocks Intelligence Report

The OPIS IFI report is your market reference for vacuum gasoil, naphtha and light cycle oil pricing, news and analysis. It is used by refiners to price feedstocks for their facilities or sell product back into the market, as well as a cost basis for traders buying and selling to refiners.