OPIS Mexico Racks

Transparent Gasoline, Diesel and Energy Pricing for Mexico

Gasoline and diesel price discovery you can trust in the midst of Mexico's energy reform.

Mexico is undergoing significant energy reform. Mexico gasoline, diesel and energy commodity pricing information is necessary for creating accurate supply contracts, making sound investments and import/export decisions, and maximizing ROI for stakeholders.

Rely on OPIS for accurate and transparent gasoline and diesel price discovery necessary to identify opportunities and overcome challenges as this marketplace evolves.

Watch the video to learn more about OPIS pricing for Mexico and download our Mexico Fuel Pricing Products Brochure to see how OPIS products can help your cross-border business succeed.

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Mexico Gasoline and Diesel Rack Pricing Online

Now available! View actual wholesale prices in key wholesale locations across Mexico. Get all suppliers’ prices for unleaded, premium and diesel fuel. Also includes the low, high and average price. Additional rack markets will be added as terminal infrastructure buildout is completed and more storage capacity becomes available.

OPIS Mexico Racks provides retail and implied wholesale pricing in the developing Mexican fuel market with daily rack prices at all terminals in Mexico. OPIS is the first pricing agency to calculate implied wholesale costs in this market. They are calculated two ways:

  • Retail Minus: OPIS Retail averages, adjusted for margin, freight, VAT and IEPS taxes. Plus, customize your view to include or exclude taxes, and toggle Pemex prices on or off.
  • Landed Spot Plus: U.S. OPIS Landed Spot + transportation costs + additive costs for fuel quality + loading and off-loading costs + storage costs + pipeline costs + security costs + cost of money

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View the Mexico Racks fact sheet in English. Ver hoja informativa en español.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Access price transparency crucial to Mexican fuel production and infrastructure investments and critical import/export decisions.
  • Independent, unbiased wholesale prices for unleaded and premium gasoline and diesel helps buyers and sellers negotiate contracts with confidence.
  • Pricing for U.S. border cities (additional subscription required) to showcase your import/export opportunities.
  • Ability to view prices in U.S. dollars per gallon or Mexican pesos per liter clarifies your pricing outlook.
  • View implied prices side by side with published Pemex wholesale prices for easy comparison.
  • Sort and filter functions by state, municipality or terminal give you greater ease when analyzing data.
  • 3 days of price history increases your perspective on current price patterns.
  • Ability to export prices into a csv file.
  • Easily toggle between English and Spanish.
  • View differentials between spot-plus and retail-minus prices to discover arbitrage opportunities.
  • Landed spot market assessments for the price of Mexico delivered gasoline, diesel and jet fuel are also available in the Mexico Fuels Report.
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