LPG/NGL Pricing & News

Explore OPIS LPG/NGL Products for Spot & Rack Markets

Spot LPG/NGL Pricing

OPIS is the LPG industry’s spot price benchmark. This means that all LPG traded in the U.S. is tied back to an OPIS price – making this information a crucial part of daily business.  OPIS also provides LPG pricing for Europe and Asia. Our LPG/NGL pricing is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods and can be customized around your specific needs.

  • OPIS North America LPG Report provides daily benchmark LP pricing assessments for the trading day. OPIS collects data for almost 60 price points throughout North America including the key Mont Belvieu and Conway hubs. Our prices including prompt, any and out timings, daily average and month-to-date average NGL prices, key international market comparisons and more. It also includes U.S. Gulf Coast FOB LNG price assessments. This report features daily market news and analysis.
  • Global LPG Ticker is a real-time price ticker accessed online. Track live European and Asian spot LPG markets and compare with the Mont Belvieu hub for a better understanding of global price trends and arbitrage opportunities.
  • Hedge your risk with NGL Forwards Report, a reliable source for accurate forward NGL prices each day, aggregating multiple price curves – so you don’t have to.
  • Europe LPG & Naphtha Report includes global spot prices for propane and butane (as well as naphtha) for northwest Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Asia Naphtha & LPG Report provides price assessments for propane and butane for northwest Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as NWE naphtha, featuring in-depth analysis of the market and import data.
  • Propane Ticker is an online tool which tracks intraday spot propane prices, allowing instant monitoring of market direction throughout the trading day.

Wholesale Rack Propane Pricing

LPG/NGL Price History

  • TimeSeries is a self-service online database which allows you to run historical reports as needed. Historical prices for NGL, propane, butane, isobutane, natural gasoline, ethane and EP mix are available. We have pricing going back 2o+ years.
  • OPIS is happy to compile a custom historical pricing report for you as well.  We have available:
    • Mt. Belvieu TET and non-TET from 1984, Conway/Group 140 from 1984, Los Angeles from 9/86, San Francisco Bay Area from 10/87, Hattiesburg from 10/87, Sarnia from 8/89, Edmonton from 8/86 and Louisiana from 7/98.
    • Forward prices for propane, ethane, butane and isobutane for Mt. Belvieu TET and non-TET back to 12/8/2008.
    • Propane contract prices from more than 25 pipelines.

LPG/NGL Market News

Easily follow LPG/NGL markets with breaking news, expert analysis and insights.

  • For instant awareness of the latest news, LP Gas News Alerts keep you informed via email or mobile app. Expert LP market editors shed light on market conditions, report on all LPG major hubs and provide informative context behind price changes and volatility.
  • OPIS Newsletter for weekly news and analysis on the LPG industry.

LPG/NGL Analytics

OPIS provides many formats and delivery methods for our information on LPG/NGL. Contact us to discuss your needs or view product finder results for LPG/NGL.