Natural Gas Pricing & Analytics

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Spot Natural Gas Pricing

Natural gas producers, processors, end users, utility companies, power generators and more benefit from daily and weekly natural gas price discovery reports.

  • Natural Gas Daily & Bidweek report is a reliable natural gas price index which aids in negotiating better spot and term fuel contracts. It shows prices for 88 markets across the United States and Canada. Plus, the monthly Bidweek Report for indexing your contracts for the next month is included. The report can be customized to include all regions or only the specific ones you need. The reports are cost-effective and backed by OPIS’ reputation for accuracy and reliability.

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OPIS PointLogic Suite for Natural Gas Market Analytics

Rely on the OPIS PointLogic Suite for all the data you need to analyze natural gas markets in-depth. The Suite includes several specialized modules integrated on a single software platform:

  • Pipeline Module shows natural gas pipeline flow data with point-type filters and time period summaries.
  • Production Module for timely natural gas wellhead and dry estimates.
  • Markets Module displays daily natural gas supply and demand fundamentals, bid week prices, imports/exports flows and inventories.
  • NGL Module with gas processing plant volumes and NGL volumes by refining district and purity product.
  • National & Regional Reports provide thought leadership and timely news coverage from experienced natural gas market analysts.
OPIS provides many formats and delivery methods for our information on natural gas. Contact us to discuss your needs or view product finder results for natural gas.