Asia LNG Price Report

A daily report on landed LNG prices for profitable buying and selling strategies

Understand the key drivers of LNG demand in China and Northeast Asia

China has been a central influencer of demand and price discovery in northeast Asia over the past few years. Failure to adequately understand this important market could cause traders, producers, buyers and other market participants to lose money.

Given the size of the market, disruptions to China’s demand and supply affect global markets. Improve your understanding of China, which exerts great influence over northeast Asia’s LNG pricing.

The OPIS Asia LNG Price Report provides clarity to the LNG trading community in Asia with essential price information and data to support savvy decision making. Alongside the price report, timely and concise news articles and accurate price assessments shed light on important developments in this essential market, helping traders analyze changes in Chinese importers’ buying behaviors.


Key Features

  • Focused on China. The OPIS DES China price is based on one specific port – Dapeng – and not just a netback number from the regional price.
  • Alternative Price Markers. The inclusion of a regional Northeast Asia number allows readers to see if China is paying a premium or discount to the region.
  • Concise, Easy to Read. Everything is presented in a highly summarized format that makes it easy for readers to scan the info quickly at the start of the trading day.
  • This highly summarized report offers insight into the prices China pays for its LNG imports and the prices it gets from its downstream markets, plus regional and global data that affect LNG fundamentals in China and other parts of northeast Asia. Each issue delivers:
    • DES China (Tianjin) Prices
    • DES China (Dapeng) Prices
    • DES Northeast Asia Prices
    • FOB Gulf Coast Prices
    • Latest tenders and bilateral deals
    • Market commentary and insight
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