Indian Coal Report

News, prices and insight on the coal market in India

Learn the latest developments in the world’s fifth-largest coal producer.

The Indian Coal Report is a monthly source of data and analysis on India’s growing coal, steel and power industries. Coal is a mainstay of India’s power generation, representing 60% of the country’s total power installed capacity. Some 77 GW of coal-based power projects are under construction and scheduled to come online by 2020. India is also the steam coal market’s largest buyer, accounting for nearly 20% (169 MMT) of global imports.

For this burgeoning market, the Indian Coal Report provides production and prices, news on corporate briefs, tenders, stocks and contracts, plus analysis of political factors driving the industry. Each monthly issue delivers analysis of major producers, producing regions, transportation costs, infrastructure and governmental policy.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Key price indices:
    • Indian CFR (5,500kc NAR) East and West Coast
    • India East Coast CFR (5,000kc/4,200kc) GAR
    • India West Coast CFR (5,000kc/4,200kc) GAR
  • India West Coast CFR (5,000kc/4,200kc) GAR
  • Monthly import volumes (met, thermal, coke) by exporting country and for 12 Indian ports
  • Indian production and consumption data for metallurgical, steam and petcoke
  • Freight and shipping: assessment of key routes to India (Cape, Mini Cape, Supermax)
  • View all coal reports for APAC and Chinese markets
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