The Innovators Behind Solar’s Rise

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Join OPIS journalists, market experts and a panel of industry executives for “The Innovators Behind Solar’s Rise,” a part of the Dow Jones Energy & Sustainability Issue Briefing Series. Recorded September 20, 2023.

Solar capacity is growing so rapidly that the International Energy Agency predicts within five years it will surpass coal as the biggest power source. Solar has advantages over wind and hydro: The sun shines most everywhere, and both industry and consumers are producers — fostering a “democratization” of power. Still, there are supply-chain, regulatory and other challenges. Explore the technology, the players and the road ahead.

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Opening Remarks

Suzanne Froix, Senior Director, Events and Experiences, U.S., Dow Jones

On the Horizon
Examine the numbers: The changing dynamics of solar manufacturing, supply chains and prices.

Nicholas Lua, Journalist, OPIS

Follow the Sun
Solar power is critical to a future based on renewable energy. But questions remain about supply chains, even as investment has accelerated with the help of government incentives. Take a look at the state of play and what to expect next.

Abigail Hopper, CEO, Solar Energy Industries Association
Philip Shen, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst, Roth MKM
In conversation with: Sakura Yamasaki, CEO, Singapore Solar Exchange

Leading the Way
Learn how leaders in solar innovation are navigating a time of rapid growth. What are the opportunities and challenges? A solar executive offers insights on the future of solar and how the world will get there.

Mary Powell, CEO, Sunrun
In conversation with: Hanwei Wu, Journalism Director, OPIS

Closing Remarks
Suzanne Froix, Senior Director, Events and Experiences, U.S., Dow Jones