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Axxis Software Launches Next Generation In-Cab Solution to Improve Two-Way Communication with Fuel Drivers

The MobileRite app joins an extensive lineup of fuel supply chain management solutions from this leading automation provider.

ROCKVILLE, MD (February 28, 2019) – Axxis Software, part of OPIS by IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO) has launched a new iOS and Android app called MobileRite.

Axxis MobileRite allows easy communication of fuel delivery instructions to drivers, who can then return critical transaction data in real time to accelerate customer billing and home office accounting.  The app continues working off-line when cellular coverage is lost and syncs when connectivity is restored.

Working in conjunction with the CODiE-award winning Axxis Fuel Order Management & Dispatch (FOMD) module, MobileRite provides dispatchers with a central interactive dashboard to manage drivers, trucks and sites.

Real-time communication between a fuel driver and his home office is a persistent challenge,” says Art King, VP Sales & Marketing at Axxis Software, “Axxis created the MobileRite app to ensure uninterrupted two-way communication between drivers and suppliers in real time.. This new app also provides enhanced mapping and routing, ATG reading of fuel inventory, safe drop capability, automatic document capture, and more – all at the driver’s fingertips, no matter the degree of mobile connectivity.”

To learn more about Axxis Software or for a free demo of the new MobileRite app, please contact:

Axxis Sales Team

Art King
VP Sales & Marketing, Axxis Software


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