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OPIS Unveils Redesigned Next-Generation Spot Ticker

Gaithersburg, MD, September 19, 2016 – Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), an IHS Markit company (Nasdaq: INFO) that revolutionized real-time spot market coverage when it launched the first OPIS Spot Ticker in 2000, announces the release of the next-generation, new and improved OPIS Spot Ticker.

Featuring a fresh, new look and multiple innovative enhancements, the next-gen Ticker maintains all of the functionality customers rely on, while adding several exciting new features to help make the user experience even better. Customers participated in testing the new Spot Ticker over a six-month period and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

New and enhanced features include:

  • Change Indicators: Easily view the direction of the change for futures physical prices and basis differentials.
  • Markets Display: Individual detailed markets such as Ethanol, Los Angeles, Gulf Coast, etc., can be drag-and-dropped into a customized view and saved for future use.
  • Globex: Displays OPIS spot differentials applied to the overnight electronic Globex trading platform, shown in a nighttime motif.
  • At-a-Glance Graphs: Easily view 24-hour, five- and 30-day price trends under the Futures, East and West sections. Additionally, in the East and West sections, five and 30-day differential trends are available. Zoom in for precise data views.
  • Jet Fuel Prices: Access jet prices through a separate detail section located near Ethanol and RINs that conveniently groups prices by your subscribed markets.
  • News Banner: On-screen news alerts keep you updated while you’re working – simply click the headline to view the full article.
  • Reports Page: Find the reports you subscribe to, and dynamic Active NYMEX and NYMEX Settlement reports with futures prices and volumes.
  • Product Tour & Help Document: A quick product tour highlights the new features so you can put them to use immediately, and help documents are a click away so you can easily find answers to common questions.
  • Deal Log – Improved Layout: Easily read detailed information on all confirmed trades within the last five business days, including deal volumes.
  • ICE Brent Crude Futures: Now displayed alongside NYMEX futures.
  • Editorial Notes: Access the latest market updates about changes in the pipeline cycles, new products becoming available, RVP shifts and reference month shifts without leaving the Ticker page.
  • RVP Notices: Click the asterisk symbol (*) within the East, West, or Details sections to reveal current RVP information.

“This next-generation Spot Ticker gives our customers greater visibility into U.S. refined product prices around the clock – all with a fresh, customizable interface. It’s why the OPIS Spot Ticker continues to be the most relied-upon and trusted pricing tool in the industry.” said Brian Crotty, CEO of OPIS.

Go here for more information and to request a complimentary free trial.

Scott Berhang
Vice President, Global Sales, OPIS
U.S. Office: +1 301.284.1966

Jeff Humbert
Senior Sales Manager, OPIS
U.S. Office: +1 301.284.2015