Asia-Pacific Energy Markets

Manage change in the dynamic

Adapting to uncertainty and risk in Asia-Pacific energy markets...

...demands price transparency and expert insight.

Fuel markets worldwide face unprecedented disruption, with the Asia-Pacific region playing a central role. From oil, LPG, jet fuel and coal to solar panel materials and carbon credit offsets, OPIS provides the essential global perspective for more strategic buy & sell decisions on energy commodities trading between APAC and the rest of the world.

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Asia-Pacific Energy Content

Asia Naphtha & LPG Report

A single source of accurate pricing assessments and critical news for petrochemical feedstocks in the Asia-Pacific market

In the APAC region, credible information on light distillate and condensate fuels is hard to gather in a format that helps buyers and sellers make decisions. Spot pricing assessments are available but are scattered among separate reports that are costly to obtain and don’t provide industry news as context.


Asia Naphtha & LPG Report combines regional news analysis with spot pricing for the connected markets of naphtha, LPG, gasoline and condensate.

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Asia Jet Fuel & Gasoil Report

A single daily index for buying and selling jet fuel and gasoil profitably in Asia

The impact of COVID-19 on jet fuel demand in Asia, and the consequences of the Ukraine invasion by Russia, are shaking oil markets in multiple ways, making OPIS pricing and market commentary must-haves.


Asia Jet Fuel & Gasoil Report provides expert analysis and benchmark spot prices to help manage hedging strategy and minimize risk.

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APAC Solar Weekly

The first and only IOSCO-compliant solar panel and polysilicon pricing

Amid the energy transition to low-carbon energy sources, increased demand for solar panel materials has been challenged by a fatigued supply chain, creating a volatile market. As a result, trusted price assessments for solar panel components are increasingly essential.


APAC Solar Weekly provides pricing and current market news on solar materials production in the Asia-Pacific region, from upstream polysilicon, wafers and cells to downstream panel prices. This is the first report to use an assessment methodology that follows IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) requirements for fair and transparent pricing.

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Australian Oil Market Price Report

A weekly overview of fuel pricing and margin trends in the Australian retail market

Competition in Australian fuel markets is fiercer than ever, creating the need among retailers, wholesalers, refiners and investors for more comprehensive market intelligence and price discovery to increase profits and make well-informed decisions.


Australian Oil Market Price Report publishes landed spot, Singapore spot, TGP and retail petrol and diesel prices and margins in Australia, enabling greater transparency into competitive market trends both in Australia and around the world.

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